Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Therapeutic Recreation Minor Course Work

    1. Required Courses. 19 s.h.

      RPTA 199—Fieldwork in Leisure Services (Completed at an agency serving persons with disabilities) (1)

      RPTA 251—Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation (3)

      RPTA 351—Assessment and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation (3)

      RPTA 451—Principles of Therapeutic Recreation (3)

      RPTA 453—Clinical Therapeutic Recreation Processes (3)

      RPTA 454—Management of Therapeutic Recreation (3)

      SPED 310—The Exceptional Individual (3)

    2. Directed Electives. Choose one of the following: 3 s.h.

      HE 441—Mental Health (3)

      RPTA 330 — Program Planning for People with Physical Disabilities: Community and Educational Services (3)

      RPTA 452—Leisure Services for the Elderly (3)

      SW 334 — Social Work, Disabilities and Health (3)

      SOC 365—Sociology of Health and Illness (3)

      PSY 251— Personality and Adjusment (General Education/Social Sciences) (3)

      KIN 393—Adapted Physical Education (3)


      Equivalent course related to individuals having disabilities

      Academic Adviser: Ms. Keri Allison, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration