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Back to the Beginning... Tech Fest - April 30, 2014

Tech Fest

Tech Fest 2014

Mark your calendars and join WIU's College of Education and Human Services' for the 15th Annual Tech Fest on Wednesday, April 30 - 11 a.m.–1 p.m. in Horrabin Hall. The Tech Fest format has changed.  The day will now include a variety of breakout sessions and a keynote presentation. Tech Fest is sponsored by Citizens Bank and Western Illinois University's College of Education and Human Services.  Attend for a chance to win an Apple iPad!

Breakout Sessions - 11am - 12pm

Keynote Presentation - 12-1pm

"Why Mobility Matters" - Apple Inc. | Horrabin Hall 1

Mobile pedagogy represents a fundamental shift in content access and the role of the traditional classroom. This is not about technology fads or the latest gadgets. This is about facing the challenges and maximizing the possibilities of a connected classroom. In addition to exploring the dynamics of a mobility-based education paradigm, we will examine the practical implementation strategies, hardware, and support necessary to improve learning opportunity. This session will cover three areas:

  • WHY - Why do education institutions need to explore mobility theory?
  • WHAT - What does a mobility rich environment look like?
  • HOW - How are schools around the world doing this?

Technology Showcase - 11am-1pm

  •  Wellness Wednesday - Featuring wellness apps | Outside of COEHS Dean's Office - Horrabin Hall 117

  •  uTech Computer Store – John Louden Displaying the latest in computer and tablet technology

  • COEHS Instructional Development Services – Allie Muur, Graduate Assistant – How Can Instructional Development Services Assist You? – Allie will share information about equipment checkout options, one-on-one and small group technology training, multimedia workstations and many more ways that we can assist you with technology use at WIU! 

  • uTech Support Center – Bev Baker – Getting Help at WIU Featuring Western’s KB and Chat with a Support Center Technician - Bev will share information about services provided to WIU students, faculty and staff through the uTech Support Center located in Stipes Hall 126.  Specifically, she will feature Western’s Knowledgebase, and Chat with a Support Center Technician services.

  • uTech Desktop and Hardware Services – Matthew Clark - Matthew will demonstrate some of the latest Dell Hardware systems including the Latitude e7440 Ultrabook, Venue Pro 11 Tablet, and the Optiplex 9010 all in one computer. He will also be providing an iTALC classroom monitoring software demonstration.

  • uTech Classroom Support Services – Doug Menke and Nannette Lawrence - Doug and Nannette will demonstrate some of uTech’s latest technology implementations including AdobeConnect web conferencing, Polycom Real Presence and an Epson Interactive Projector.

  • CITR – Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research  - The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research can assist you with your Western Online questions as well as Faculty Electronic Resources provided by CITR.

  • Adobe – Ryan Dietz – Check back for more information

  • Greg Patterson – Technology Lock Demo 

Using iPad for Teaching and Learning, Apple, Inc.  (Horrabin Hall 59)

Educators, please join Apple on April 30, 2014 from 11-12 in Horrabin Hall 59 to learn how iPad is making learning more engaging and more accessible than ever.

Event Description:

  • Learn how iPads are changing the learning landscape.
  • Discover a variety of educational apps, Multi-Touch books, and learning content.
  • Learn how easy-to-use-tools such as iLife, iWork, and iBooks Author enable educators to create personalized curriculum material.
  • Find out how instructors are using iTunes U to deliver course materials that students can access on iPad.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom at Western Illinois University:  11:00a.m. -12:00p.m. (Horrabin Hall 78)

Join this panel consisting of faculty from each of the 4 academic Colleges and Malpass Library to learn how they are engaging their students to use technology both inside and outside of the classroom. Panel participants include:

Emily Shupe, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality, COEHS - Incorporating technology into service learning projects to help enhance the learning process .  Emily will be discussing the use of multiple forms of personal informatics, developed by the students as a project to provide information to the public.

Mandeep Singh, Marketing, CBT - Flipping as a Teaching Strategy .  Mandeep will discuss how he is finding ways to engage the student body in an environment of shrinking attention spans.  

Jasmine Crighton, Broadcasting, COFAC – Social Media: Fostering Engagement in the Classroom. Jasmine will discuss her exploration into different ways of engaging students with Facebook and Twitter.

Jon Day, Political Science, Political Science, CAS –Integrating Facebook into the
the Classroom
Jon will discuss the feasibility, options, and pros/cons of using a
Facebook Group during a course.

Sean Cordes, Instruction Services Coordinator, Malpass Library  - Engage, Enable and Interact: New Literacy and Library Instruction. Sean will highlight changes to standards of information competency, emerging tools and practices to develop these skills, and how these challenges are addressed in the classroom from the use of experiential learning to develop media and information literacy skills, to collaborative activities designed to support collective intelligence and participatory culture.

Global Education and Technology: Mentor and Novice Teachers Connecting with Classrooms Around the World in WIU Education Field Work Panel – Terry Smith (HH104 IMM Lab)

This session will show how technology and global education can be implemented in specific practice situations in the elementary classroom. Mentor teachers and preservice teachers will share their experiences in global projects which connected their elementary students with classrooms from around the world, including Russia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Canada, Czech Republic, Lebanon, England, Israel, as well as with a variety of schools across the United States. Two projects are discussed: Landmark Games and the Monster Project. Besides completing specific project goals, project participants also shared a variety of digital media including Voicethread and Animoto, and communicated with email, blogs, Facebook, and Skype.

Michelle O’Brien and Isamar Chavez – Mrs. O’Brien is a 4th grade mentor teacher from Canton Westview Elementary. Ms. Chavez was a preservice teacher in Mrs. O’Brien’s classroom in fall 2013. Ms. Chavez planned lessons and experiences for her elementary students in a multi-school collaboration event called the Global Monster Project. Project site:

Laura Cody and Tabitha Seidel – Mrs. Cody is a 6th grade mentor teacher from St. Paul School in Macomb. Ms. Seidel was a preservice teacher in Mrs. Cody’s classroom in spring 2013. Ms. Seidel planned lessons and experiences for her elementary students in a research-based project of 90 classroom teams called the Landmark Games. Project site:

Michelle Huseman – Ms. Huseman is a 4th grade teacher from Eugene Field Elementary in Hannibal, Missouri. She has participated in both the Monster Project and the Landmark Games for many years. She will share her insights on using projects in terms of student engagement and learning, as well as the significance for new teachers entering the field.

The New iTunesU, Chad Dennis – CITR: 11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. – (HH83)

In this presentation you will see how to create an iTunesU course using the iTunes U Course Manager page. There will be a demonstration of how to add an outline, audio, video, and PDF files. You will see how to share your course with students or with the public as well as how the course is viewed using an iOS device.

Digital Media on Campus - A day in the life of a student

We will demonstrate how a student is more successful in their quest to learn and ultimately turn that learning into a career by utilizing digital tools like the Adobe Creative Cloud. We will provide an overview of Creative Cloud to set the stage and provide a common understanding of how Adobe is enabling education to incorporate 21st century skills into traditional learning.