Windows MovieMaker for Windows XP

Produce your own videos right from Windows!

Windows Movie Maker is the perfect tool for creating quick and easy multimedia videos for your classroom or organizational use. Best of all, it’s free!

In a previous article, we discussed the use of Apple’s iMovie ’09 software for creating and editing video. Not to leave our Windows users out in the cold, this article will focus on producing videos on your Windows computer.

Where do I get it?

It is possible that Windows Movie Maker is already installed on your computer. Check the start menu for an icon that looks like a film reel. If you are not about to find the Windows Movie Maker icon, you may need to install the software via Windows Update.


Most video editing programs include the ability to import video and pictures, and to add transitions, effects and titles to your video. Windows Movie Maker is no exception.

  • Titles – Add titles to the beginning of you movie or to delineate sections of the video. You can change the color of the title slides, add animations such as “Paint Drip” or “Fly-in” to the title text and even add scrolling credits to the end of your video.
  • Effects – Sometimes you may want to spice up a video clip by adding some effect to the video itself. Windows Media Maker comes equipped with numerous video effects like Greyscale and Sepia Tones, time effects like slow or fast motion, and even stylistic effects like watercolor and pixelate.
  • Transitions – Transitioning between title slides, pictures and even separate video clips is a snap with Windows Movie Maker. You can easily add just the right visual effect, whether it be a fade, wipe, or something more stylized, to give your video the unique feel it needs.

Saving Your Work

After you’ve completed your movie, you’ll need to save your work as a video file. Use the File > Save Movie menu to select an option for saving. You can save the file for playback on your own computer, email it to a friend, or even record it back to a video camera for playback on a DV tape.
TechTip Windows Movie Maker

Adding Video from webcam:
In order to incorporate video straight from your webcam into your movie you must click on the first option on the left hand side of the screen that reads “Capture from Video Device”

Windows Movie Maker Screen Shot

Next you will see the following screen.

Screen Shot from MovieMaker

Select the device you wish to use to record and click next
Select a name for your video clip and the place that you want it to save, and then click next.
On the next Screen click start capture to begin recording when you are finished click stop recording and click finished.

Screen Shot of MovieMaker

The video will be split into clips as shown above and you just drag the clips into your timeline space and work with the clips like any other video.

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