iPad Apps (Panorama, 360 Panorama, iMotion HD)

By Carlo Daniels, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant


Price – $0.99

Panorama by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and Android offers users a clean and facile way of creating panoramic images.  All of this can be done in mere seconds by simply tapping the “Capture button” within the app and steadily moving/panning one’s iOS device from left to right to capture a scene.  Frames of the scene will be recorded and instantly blended together within the program.  This comes extremely handy when attempting to capture an image of something that is especially wide or out of range for any of the iOS device camera lenses to capture with a single shot.

What is more is that one can also apply various filters to each panorama by selecting from some stylish effects built into the app such as Sketch, Vintage, Rice paper, etc.  In addition, sharing a video is made easy by allowing one-touch uploads to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and email.

For more information and to purchase and download the app go to http://powercam.wondershare.com/panorama.html.

360 Panorama

Price – $0.99

For iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and Android 360 Panorama by Occipital Inc. allows users to create full, spectacular 360 degree panoramas simply by panning one’s own iOS or Android device in a 360 degree motion. The user interface is lined with a background grid that aids one in panning smoothly and evenly for the process.  Furthermore, pictures are automatically taken and stitched together as the user pans his/her device without a single tap, making for a very smooth and seamless process.

Sharing can either be done using the full 360 video created or by using a wide, flattened image version of the 360 panorama.  Options include Twitter, Facebook, and email.  Users that create an Occipital account can also benefit from cloud storage whereby panoramas that are uploaded can instantly be retouched or have a boost in quality overtime. Occipital account users also have the ability to access their videos from a desktop.

For more information and to purchase and download the app go to http://occipital.com/360/app.

iMotion HD

Price – Free (Full version is $1.99 that allows more exporting options)

As an Apple exclusive iOS device app, iMotion HD by Fingerlab lets users create dynamic time-lapse and stop-motion videos from their mobile devices.  This can be very useful for recording processes that take an exceptional amount of time (such as a plant growing overtime); creating unique, animated videos with inanimate objects; etc.  Moreover, iMotion allows for HD 720p capturing in either portrait or landscape modes.  Users also can make use of helpful ruler guides and onion skinning (transparencies of previous still images to help provide a basis point for taking the next still picture for stop-motion video) options to enhance the professional quality of their videos.

Videos can either be taken using the “time-lapse”, “remoted” or “manual” modes.  Time-lapse lets users shoot a stop motion video as if it were a regular video, capturing still frames as video records to supply the stop-motion effect.  Manual allows a user to create their video the old fashioned way by shooting individual pictures whereas remoted lets users download the iMotion Remote app on another iOS device to remotely control the capturing on their device with iMotion installed.  Sharing options include Facebook and the photo library on the iOS device.  Advanced options such as exporting to YouTube and iTunes as well as the ability to manually focus shots come with the full version for $1.99.

For more information and to download the app go to http://www.fingerlab.net/website/Fingerlab/iMotion_HD.html.

TechTip:  360 Panorama App

By Brittani Carter, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant When using the 360 Panorama applications by Occipital, you’re given the option to share your photos. Once the photo has been taken, located on the lower right hand corner there is an “Upload Icon”. After you’ve selected the “Upload Icon”, a menu with all of your upload options will appear.  You have the option to “Make it public”, along with “ Showing your Location”.

Next, you want to select “ Start Upload”, this will change the menu options allowing you to “ Create a New Occipital Account”. Setting up a new account with Occipital is completely free.  All you need is a valid email address along with password. Having an Occipital Account, will allow you to view your uploaded panoramic photos on a desktop computer.

You also have the option to “Share and Upload”, your photos to your Twitter and Facebook

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