iBooks Author

By Amanda Richards, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

iBooks Author allows users to create and publish interactive multi-touch books for the iPad and is available free in the Mac App Store.  iBooks Author allows anyone to create content specific to their needs and include things such as text, graphics, movies, interactive reviews, and more. Creating an entire book might seem a bit intimidating but Apple makes it simple by including templates such as classic, editorial, photo book, or a cookbook. Once you have chosen a template for your book, adding and changing elements is as simple as dragging and dropping the elements of your choice. The iBooks application also makes accessibility readily available by using VoiceOver technology that is connected with the table of contents, glossary, widgets, and main text.

Once you have finished an iBook you can preview and then publish the iBook to the iBookstore to be downloaded for purchase or for free. As you update your text, you will be able to re-publish the book with the same title and anyone that has downloaded the original copy of the iBook will receive a notification stating that there is an updated version of the book available.

iBooks is only available to Mac users and require OS x 10.7.4 or later.

For more information visit http://www.apple.com/ibooks-author/

iBook Author Widget TechTip

By Brittani Carter, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

When creating a book on iBook Author you have several widget choices that allow your reader to interact with the book. Some of those widgets include: Gallery, Media, Review, Keynote, and Interactive Image.

iBook Author Widgets

GALLERY WIDGET- The gallery widget allows you to add a number of different images that your readers can swipe through with a touch of a finger.

MEDIA WIDGET- The media widget allows you to add a movie or audio file to your book. Both the movie and audio file must be in a file that QuickTime support in order to function properly.

REVIEW WIDGET- With this widget you can add questions that will let the reader review things they’ve learned. With the review widget you get three different types of questions in each review.

  1. Multiple Choice: Reader answers a question with up to six possible answers.
  2. Drag Label to Target: Reader drag up to six text labels to specific locations in a graphic.
  3. Drag Thumbnail to Target: Reader drag up to six images to specific locations in a graphic.

KEYNOTE WIDGET- The Keynote widget allows you to add a Keynote slideshow to your book. When adding a Keynote file you must have Keynote 5.2 or later installed on the Mac the book is being created on.

INTERACTIVE IMAGE WIDGET – Adding the Interactive Image widget will allow you to provide detailed information about a certain part of a graphic image. This widget allows readers to zoom in and enlarge the image, tap a label that will provide them with detailed information and description about the image, and they will be able to easily navigate from label to label.

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