By Nicole Dobyns, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

This week we have focused on an application for the iPhone and iPad that our Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration (RPTA) major, Nicole Dobyns has really grown to like. Many of the applications that we discuss through Tech Insights are specific to education, but this application can be very useful for the travel workshops that the RPTA department has every semester. This app can be used to highlight places that people visit or show them someplace they will go before they get there. TourWrist, yes there is a play on words here, is an app that shows both normal and 360 panoramas of places like parks, historic sites, and more for the tourist on the go.

Think about those virtual tours that you might have seen on realtor websites or on hotel websites, this app caters to this ability exclusively. There are some limitations at this time, however, since the application is relatively new. If you have the 1st or 2nd generation iPad, or the iPhone 3GS and older you will be unable to shoot panoramas with the app. These devices can still download the app and enjoy the uploaded panoramas that others have uploaded. There is talk of a huge update coming to the app, which will include support for the iPad Mini, which at this time does not currently upload panoramas. This post will be updated as soon as that changes!

iPhone 4 and 3rd generation iPad users can take panoramas using the tools within the app. iPhone 4S and 5 users as well as 4th generation iPad users (yes this is different than the Mini) can shoot a panorama from the native camera app and then upload to TourWrist for use. If you are an Android user (like me), good news! They have an app for Android OS, as well.  However, after installing the Android app it does not appear that I can upload panoramas from the app. This is an amazing app, and if you have a device that doesn’t support panorama uploading, you can always go through the TourWrist website.

Device Shoot panoramas from app? Look at other panoramas only?
Android No Yes
iPhone 3GS No Yes
iPad 1,2 No Yes
iPad Mini No (update coming) Yes
iPhone 4, 4S Yes No
iPad 3,4 Yes No

One very interesting thing to note is the partnership between TourWrist and Nodal Ninja. This partnership allows people to buy a specialized set of DSLR equipment specifically to be used for professional panorama photography. If you’re curious to know what all is in the kit, click here.

If you can’t keep all of the device differences straight, not to worry. We have a couple of compatible iPads in the Interactive Multimedia Lab if you really want to see how the app works as a fully functional app. There are so many uses for this app, and I love to use this even without the full functionality. It’s great to be able to see places before you travel a great distance or revisit someplace you’ve already been.

Tech Tip – TourWrist

By Ronald Smith, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

With tourist giving you the option of touring around the world, you have a lot to choose from. But maybe you want to tour a specific country, state, or city. Tourist gives you this option with a few easy steps.

  • Click the blue  “Explore” button on the left side panel.
  • Then five different panels will show up, click the one that says “Categories”.
  • These are broken into 11 different categories including “All Panos”.
  • For the purpose of this tech tip, I chose “All Panos”. So After All Panos is clicked (make sure it is highlighted), decide which country you want to tour!
  • I chose France, so go to the map and zoom into the country (the state, and cities should show up)
  • In France, I chose Paris, and green dots showed up. The green dots indicate that there is a pano available in the location that you chose.
  • Click on one of the green dots and there you have it, the pano is available to view. You can either choose to gyro (move the ipad around to view) or touch (swipe your fingers to view).
  • You can click “Links” to save the pano or to get directions.
  • The share button allows you to share the pano with your friends via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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