Spring 2013 Recap

The staff of the Instructional Development Services would like to thank all you loyal readers of our blog articles and would like to thank all those that participated in our Spring 2013 workshops!!  Below we have posted a recap of all the articles/workshops we delivered this spring.  We will be taking a break from TechInsights blog articles during the summer months and will come back with exciting new topics to share in the Fall semester.  We would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer!  See you next fall!!

Spring 2013 Articles/Workshops Recap

WIU Faculty, Staff or Students: If you were unable to attend one of the workshops that we offered this spring contact Josh Butcher and he can set up a one-on-one appointment with you to go over the topics that you missed.

January 24 – Flickr http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1348

February 5 – Converting Analog-to-Digital Video http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1375

February 18 – Ask3 iPad App http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1385

March 6 – iBooks Author http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1412

March 18 – Creative Book Builder iPad App http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1430

April 10 – TourWrist iPad App http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1501

April 19 – Corkulous iPad App http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/techinsights/blog/?p=1528

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