PickMeBuzzer (iPad App)

By Corey James, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Occasionally when a teacher asks a question in a classroom and multiple hands go up at the same time, it is hard for that teacher to decide which student raised their hand first. With PickMe!Buzzer, the teacher doesn’t have to worry about being unfair to the actual student who raised their hand first, especially if there is a prize at stake.

PickMe!Buzzer is a free iOS application designed for group learning and trivia games. (*Update:  After we published this article we found out PickMeBuzzer is now costing $0.99) It allows students to respond to questions with a touch of a button or by raising their iOS device. The teacher is then able to receive who responded to the question first, as long as everyone is in the same game. The application can be downloaded from any iOS device which makes it nice for people who have iPhones but inconvenient for anyone with a different smartphone. As long as the students have iPhones, iPods or iPads, the teacher would be able to incorporate this application within their classroom. Another challenge to this application is that everyone needs to be under the same working WiFi connection, www.masterpapers.com.au which shouldn’t be a problem if this application is being used on campus.

PickMe!Buzzer is a fun way to learn in groups and I would especially recommend it for K-12 classes; the younger the better. Although it is a great application for all ages, it may seem a little childish to older students. This is also a great way to show younger students how we can communicate through technology.

PickMe!Buzzer is available for iPhone and iPad free (now it is $0.99) from the Apple App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pickmebuzzer/id366750211?mt=8.

Here is an example of how one individual is using it in their classroom with a Jeopardy-like class activity.  http://life360view.com/detailed-instructions-for-using-pickmebuzzer-on-apple-ios-devices/.

You can also integrate the PickMe!Buzzer app along with the PickMe!Play desktop app for Mac or PC which costs around $50.  This YouTube video shows a tutorial on using the PickMe!Play desktop app along with your iOS devices.

For other mobile devices such as Android, KindleFire, and Playbook they have an app called BigRedBuzzer that does the same thing.

For more information please visit http://buzzers.com.

TechTip: Creating and Entering a Game

By Brittani Carter, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

When creating a game using the PickMe!Buzzer application you will need a few things to get started. You will need 1 iPad (That will serve as “THE HOST), another/ other iPad or iPhone devices and a wireless connection that every device will be able/ allowed to connect with.

Once “The Host” iPad has connected to the wireless network, simply open the PickMe!Buzzer application. Once you have opened PickMe!Buzzer you will be taken to the home screen:

On the home screen you will need to select  “Create Game”, once you have selected “Create Game” you will be taken to the screen where you need to select “Start Game”:

Once you have selected “Start Game” the other iPad and/or iPhone devices will be able to join the game you created. Students would simply open the PickMe!Buzzer application (they too will be taken to the home screen). Instead of selecting “Create Game” they will choose “Enter Game.” Once the student has selected “ Enter Game” they will be taken to this screen that will display the game that the “Host” iPad created:

Once the student has joined the game, you will be ready to begin playing.  The screen students will see after joining the game, will allow them to choose the type of way they would like to submit answers: They can either “Raise the Device” or Select the “Red Buzzer”:

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