iOS 7 Features: Part 2

By Brittani Carter, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

Apple has made yet another breakthrough in its operating software. iOS7 offers a multitude of new features. These new development can be very useful to the daily life of an Apple device user.  In this Part 2 of a 2-part series on the new features of iOS7, AirDrop, Safari, iTunes Radio, Siri, App Store, Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

AirDrop is one of the newest iOS7 features that bring an entire different outlook to file sharing. Once you have activated AirDrop, it uses Bluetooth to scan for nearby devices that are also compatible with this feature. This new feature will allow users swapping photos, videos, and other information easier than ever before.  AirDrop has proximity-limited technology, meaning it will only work when two or more users are near each other. This feature is only available on iPhone 5 or later, fourth- generation iPads, iPad minis, and fifth- generation iPod Touch.

Safari “With things out of the way, there’s way more web.” With Apples complete overhaul to its operation system Safari is bigger, better and more beautiful.  The buttons and bars stay hidden until you scroll to reveal them. This allows you to see more content than ever before on your screen. With one simply swipe, you can go back or forward a page. The “NEW” Safari is designed so nothing can slow you down or get in your way.

iTunes Radio is a feature that allows you to stream radio station that you will love from day one of trying this feature. The more you use this feature to listen to music, the more you can personalize it to just your liking. This feature keeps a history of what you’ve listen, with this you can add it to your iTunes wish list or even tap to download right then and there from the iTunes Store. You can also build new station, while you listen. You can fine-tune a mix by adding different genres and artist you like as well as skip songs that you don’t.

Siri has a great new look, better sound and more capabilities than ever.  The new interface is designed, so that while your using Siri you can still view whatever is on you top screen. The updated version of Siri has a clearer, more understandable and natural female and male voice. It’s faster when it comes to answering your questions. Now Siri can check not only the web but also Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter.  With new bonus extras such as returning calls, playing voicemail, controlling iTunes Radio and much more.

The App Store has a new feature that allows one to see the most popular apps near a person and their geographic location.  This feature shows you a collection of the most downloaded apps relevant to your current location. The iOS7 App Store also has a new kids category that lets you browse and buy the best kids apps for kids based on age.  The App Store now automatically keeps all of your apps up to date, so now you no longer have to be bothered.

Losing your phone is the absolute worse feeling. With the updated iOS7 operating system losing your iPhone, iPad, iPods, etc. has become a little less stressful.  The updated Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will help you get it back. If that doesn’t work and your phone it’s returned to you, this newest updated feature has new security makes it harder for someone to use or sell your device.  With the updated iOS7, turning off your phone or trying to erase your information you need both your Apple User ID and Password. Even if your information does happen to get erased, it still requires your Apple ID and Password before anyone can reactive the device.

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TechTip: New Radio

By Allie Muur, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

The radio is a new feature and is simple to use. To navigate the iOS7 radio, go to Music and radio is the first option available. Once you are there, the main screen will look similar to the picture shown below.

To create your own radio station, click on the “New Station” option.  Different genre options will appear. Touch the genre that you would like to add to your stations. However, if you have a specific band or singer you would like to search, click the search toolbar and use the keyboard to type the name that you are searching for and select the one that best suits your search.

Once a genre is selected, other options will appear. Select the exact station that you would like to add to your homepage by touching it. A red plus sign will appear. Touch the red plus sign and go to your home page and that genre should be appear there.

To get back to the homepage click the red back arrow button. Once there are stations selected, the homepage will look similar to the picture below.

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