By Allison Muur, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

This issue of TechInsights will focus on different applications available to RPTA majors. These apps can be used to teach outdoor activities and adventures, to locate beautiful parks all over the world, plan easy and fun trips to see different attractions and visit multiple destinations, and apps that can help people who cannot communicate very well communicate to their provider or therapist what they want or need.

Project Noah- Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. With this app, you can discover thousands of organisms around the world, document nature with your mobile device, and help scientists with ongoing research. This app will help student reconnect with nature and provides them with real opportunities to make a difference. Available for iPhones only.

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/project-noah/id417339475?mt=8

TouristEye- Available for iPhones only. There are over 500,00 people experiencing the benefits of this app due to its usefulness and its ability to simplify trip planning. This app helps you get ideas to do on your weekends, easily plan your trips to multiple destinations, view maps of the places and attractions you want to visit, custom essays co uk read tips from other travelers, and everything works offline, maps and GPS included!

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touristeye-travel-guide-trip/id363369132?mt=8

Recreation.gov- Recreation.gov helps campers and RV’ers browse and locate campgrounds at national parks, forests and other federal recreation facilities.  Best of all, the Recreation.gov iPhone app displays current availability information for federal campsites, cabins, day-use areas and other sites. Your smart phone’s GPS allows you to browse campsites nearest to your current location, which is great for the spontaneous—or lost—traveler looking for a place to rest their head for the evening. Flexible search options on the Recreation.gov mobile app also enable you to filter and find a campsite based on city, state or zip, specific arrival and departure dates, type of campsite and by specific amenities like hook-ups, restrooms, pet allowance, etc. Available for iPhones only.

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/recreation.gov-camping-find/id490668237?mt=8

Event Farm- As an event planner, registering participants and clients for events can be a hassle and very time consuming, but not anymore! The Event Farm iPad/iPhone application is used for check-in and guest registration at events. The application can be used in conjunction with the web-based Event Farm Ticketing and Guest Registration System or can be used on its own for users that simply want to upload a guest list. The application allows users to check-in guests leave behind tickets for others, view notes about individual guests (i.e seating assignments, etc.) as well as trigger “Arrival Alerts” that email and/or text users when specific guest(s) have checked in.

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/event-check-in/id586714344?mt=8

Therapeutic Recreation Apps

iComm-The iComm (short for I Communicate) is an app providing an affordable, custom built and easy to use communication system using pictures and words – both written and spoken. It is ideal for children under three until they are able to express their needs through well-formed speech. The iComm is also very useful for children with a broad range of disabilities who have trouble communicating such as cerebral palsy or autism. Available for iPhones only.

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icomm/id351726761?mt=8

ArtikPix- ArtikPix is an engaging articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays. Among the many features in ArtikPIx, group scoring is available for collecting scores in flashcards on up to 4 children at a time. A group of students can collect data as they practice sounds in words and sentences.

Download fro FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/artikpix/id383022107?mt=8

Model Me Going Places 2- Model me going places is a great visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slideshow of children modeling appropriate behavior. This app was designed for children and teenagers with Autism and Asperger Syndrome, however this app will help anyone who has difficulties with their social skills. Available for iPads only.

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/model-me-going-places-2/id375669988?mt=8

Memory block- Memory block is a game that will challenge children all the way up to the geriatric population with their memory and visual learning skills. This is a great game to have one play to train their brains and have fun while doing it!

Download for FREE in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memoryblock/id351705979?mt=8

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TechTip – Model Me Going Places 2

By Brittani Carter, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

Model Me Going Places 2 is a fairly easy application to use. Once the app is properly downloaded to your deceive it will show on your home screen along with your other purchased or downloaded apps.

Once you have noticed that the app has completed its download you simply select the app and it opens to the home page.

Once the app is open you will have a choice of 6 different places to follow along with the: Hairdresser, Mall, Doctor, Playground, Grocery Store, and Restaurant.  For example, I chose to go to the Hairdresser. Once I selected the hairdresser the story will begin and take you to the first page.

On this page you will have a few different options to choose from, you will have the home button located at the top left, a next arrow at the bottom right to continue on to the next page, and a auto play button at the top right where you can sit, listen and follow along with the story.

Once you have turned past the first page, down at the bottom located on the left you will find a back arrow that will allow you to go back to the previous page.

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