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By Brittani Carter, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant
The Athletic Trainer App- has made filling out injury reports and recording SOAP Notes easier than ever custom essays. This FREE iPad and iPhone app allows you to fill out, keep track and manage all of your reports and securely stores it. You can email reports or notes for printing and filing and even view them on your iPhone or iTouch.  For FREE you get to enter up to 5 patients and 10 SOAP notes. For an additional fee you can load up to 1000 patients and have an unlimited amount of SOAP notes recorded.

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Human Kinetics Now – is the latest way to stay current in sport and exercises sciences, sports, physical education, and fitness. Human Kinetics Now is the best place for news and excerpts from the worlds leading experts that will help you apply to your daily life and work. The application allows you to see published books, journals, online courses, video products, and software for fitness enthusiasts and professionals, sport participants and coaches, sport and exercise scientists, physical educators, and many others involved with some area of physical activity. The application has a continuous feed that updates content that ensures you’ll be able to find tips and different examples in all 13-featured categories: Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sports, Coaching, Exercise Science, Social Science, Rehab and Therapy and Sport Management.

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Team Snap- is the number one application to help manage both groups and teams. It focuses on team development and coaching. This management app helps with the day-to-day organization and communication of a team or group. This app helps keep track of your teams schedule, roster, payments, messages, photos and many more features. In an instant you can make changes and update your team in a matter of seconds.

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Inside Sports Business- This application allows you to stay on top of the latest sport management with updates from Rick Horrow, which is America’s top expert on sport business and Human Kinetics. Inside Sport application grants you to access the sport management community, designed to keep you informed on the world of sport business. This app is perfect for both sport junkies and professionals. Mr. Horrow offers his ongoing personal insights and analysis with stories, leader profiles and a weekly rundown covering events that has unfolded since the release of his newest book.

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Visual Anatomy Lite- is a free interactive anatomy reference application with 3D rotational model, Gray’s anatomy images add-on, a muscle highlighting tool with full description. It features over 120 high resolution and more than 300 featured point that can interactively selected. It includes 6 chapter from Gray’s anatomy that can be used as a quick reference. These chapters include bones, muscles and the circulatory system. In addition to the chapters for reference it offers a 23 multiple choice question quiz for practice.

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Coach’s Eye- is an application for those serious competitors in the world. Coach’s eye is a video performance enhancing app. This app allows you to evaluate performance either on field or on the go. It has the ability to record HD videos where you can instantly replay and review in slow motion. This app can help you train faster, smarter, and see results faster.

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GymGoal Free- is an application for the pro or seasonal gym goer. Gym Goal is the most powerful professional workout tracker. This app can be used by both professionals and trainer. If you’re just beginning this app will organize your workouts and teach you how to become stronger, gain muscle, and weight loss. The application features 280 exercises with animations and step by step instructions. 52 workout routines, workout logging screens and much more.

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TechTip – Visual Anatomy Lite

By Allie Muur, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Visual Anatomy is a fairly easy application to use. Once the app is properly downloaded to your deceive it will show on your home screen along with your other purchased or downloaded apps.

Once you open the app, you then select whichever part of the body you would like to learn about. That part of the body will come up and then you can begin to click on the different parts so they can be identified. The specific picture below will help someone learn about the different muscle groups of the body. When you click on the different parts, they will turn green like shown below.

Some of the bigger body parts will show a description about each smaller part like shown below. This will not only allow the person to identify the part, but learn different facts about it.

There is also an option to take a quiz that will test one’s knowledge about the different parts. To get to the quiz section, go to the main screen of the app and click on the option that says, “quiz” like shown below.

When one clicks an answer, if it is correct it will show up green and if it is not correct it will show up red and the correct answer will show.

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