Social Work iOS Apps

By Paul Schouten, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

iXpenseIt Lite

This week we will be highlighting a few apps for those involved in Social Work. The first app we will discuss is call iXpenseIt Lite. This is the free version of a financial app that can be very useful to social workers. This app can be helpful while doing financial evaluations for families looking for financial
iXpenseIt is a great tool for creating and monitoring a budget that allows you to track various expenses and income. It is also capable of generating monthly reports depicted by lists and charts using the given financial information.

For more info or to download the app go to:

Social Work Social Media

This app explores the relationship between social work and the impact of social media. The ethical issues surrounding social media are analyzed in a game-style format. While using the app, the user is presented with certain ethical dilemmas regarding using social media in coordination with social work. The app then allows the user to make different choices about the dilemmas and in the process, learn about the proper ways to deal with issues involving social media. Social Work Social Media currently costs $0.99 on the App Store.

For more info or to download the app go to:


ReliefLink is a free app specifically geared towards suicide prevention. It includes different sections that track mood, allow you to set up reminders, safety planning, and warning signs, offer relaxing resources, and set up emergency contacts. This app can be of great use for clients of social workers. It is a great tool for tracking and managing daily mental health.

For more info or to download the app go to:


This app is essentially an encyclopedia for the numerous different psychotropic medications. This massive list of drugs contains valuable information regarding proper dosing, side effects, generic and brand names, class, and indication. PsychDrugs is useful for social workers that have clients who use certain drugs like antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, or anti-anxiety medications. The app is very easy to use. The user can simply scroll through the list of medications and tap of the drug of interest to learn more about it.

For more info or to download the app go to:


Twitter can be used to connect students to important issues regarding their chosen fields. @SWSCmedia on Twitter is used by Social Work students and practitioners to discuss relevant information in the field. The account discusses topics of interest regarding debates, challenges to practitioners, or recent developments in the field of Social Work. It can greatly help students stay informed, interested, and up to date on their chosen field of study.

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Social Work Tech Tip on ReliefLink

By Corey James, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

How To Find Health Centers In Your Area

Once you open the app, you should see a screen that looks similar to the one below:

Tap On “Help Near You” that has a red circle around it.

You should then come to a page that will have a few red pins, showing the location of different health centers in your area.

By tapping on one of the pins you will receive a pop up message that will tell you the name of the health center and give you the phone number of that place.

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