Apple Innovation in Education Seminars at COEHS Summer 2010

by: Dawn Sweet, Instructional Development Services Manager – College of Education and Human Services

Yesterday, many of your colleagues attended a three-hour session on Apple Innovation in Education provided by Jason Beckham, Mollie Sterling, Mike Bombich from Apple. Apple provided inspiration to our COEHS administrators and faculty on the use of mobility in education.  Participants were given the hands-on opportunity to explore a variety of mobile application, and to produce multimedia content using Apple’s Podcast Capture and iMovie applications.  Learn about some of the elements demonstrated at yesterday’s seminar.

Applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Dragon Naturally Speaking IconDragon Dictation – an easy to use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. Additionally, it allows you to update Facebook status, send notes and reminders, or Tweet on Twitter using their voice instead of having to type when you are on the go!

This application is Free for download on the iTunes App Store, and it is available for newer iPhones, iPod Touch, and the iPad running iOS 3.1 or later.

Modality Apps – Modality is a group of educators, technologists, and designers who partner with many of the world’s leading publishers and content experts to provide digital learning, assessment, training and reference applications for Apple handheld devices. Some of these include:
Netter's Anatomy GraphicNetter’s Anatomy Flash Cards which is an application comprised of over 300 flash cards have been transformed into a truly customizable, interactive, mobile learning experience. Modality’s Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards application is designed exclusively for Apple handheld devices to deliver an exceptional user experience to health care students and professionals. Learn more online at:

Law in a Flash: Ethics GraphicLaw in a Flash: Evidence is an application comprised of more than 500 cards to help students efficiently review for course exams and/or the Multistate Bar Exams. This set of cards includes both the FRE and common law. Questions in this set generally ask what the result would be under the FRE; then, if the common law differs, that difference is noted in the answer. The cards focus on the FRE because the Multistate Bar Exam addresses the FRE exclusively, and because many professors use the FRE as the basis for their lectures in class. Learn more online at:

Learn more about Modality Apps at:

PEARSON AlgebraPrepAlgebra Prep Factoring by Pearson – even if you are not into Algebra, check out this app to see how you could deliver your content in a new way that provides your students the ability to take tests, get answer feedback, and watch instructional videos from an instructor. This app is available for $3.99 on the iTunes app store.

Mental Case GraphicMental Case and Mental Case Classroom – allows you and your students to create flash cards on any subject that include text, sound, and/or images.  The Classroom edition if free on the iTunes App Store, and the full personal edition is available on the App Store for $3.99.

Apple Accessibility Features (Macintosh Computers, iPod Touch 2009 and later, and iPad)

VoiceOver, Apple’s screen reader is the world’s first gesture based
screen reader for mobile devices.  It allows users to interact directly with the screen. Learn more about how to use VoiceOver on the iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad online at:

Zoom, lets you magnify the entire screen of any application. Zoom up to five times the normal size and move left, right, up, and down to view any portion of the screen close up. Zoom works everywhere, including the Home, Unlock, and Spotlight screens—even with applications you purchase from the App store. Learn more online at:

White on Black, For those who need or prefer higher contrast, iPhone 3GS
provides an option to change the display to White On Black. This reverse video affect works in all applications including the Home, Unlock, and Spotlight screens and can be used with Zoom and VoiceOver. Learn more at:

Get an overview of all of Apple’s accessibility features at:

Content Creation

During the seminar your colleagues had the chance to create content hands-on using Apple’s Podcast Capture and Podcast Producer.  Podcast capture is an application that comes installed with the Macintosh OSX operating system.  It works in conjunction with Podcast Producer, which resides on a server in University Technology to allow you to capture high quality audio and video from local and remote cameras and automatically upload content to the server.  This tools allows you to create, video recordings with an iSight camera, screen recordings, audio recordings, and split screen recordings that show video and screen at the same time.

Apple's Podcast Producer Graphic

If you are interested in utilizing Podcast Capture to create content for your department or classroom please contact Dawn Sweet to begin the quick and easy process of requesting, an account and a container set up on iTunes U.

Watch for upcoming workshops on this innovative technology in Fall 2010!

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