DIMDIMHow does it work?
DimDim runs entirely in your web browser, so it works on any computing platform.  Simply sign up for an account at http://www.dimdim.com and you can get started.  Once you have signed up, you can create a meeting immediately or schedule a meeting for a later date.  Then it’s just a matter of sending invitations to those with whom you’d like to meet.  Don’t worry – your invitees don’t have to create a DimDim account, they can just click on the link provided in their invite email and they will be instantly connected to your meeting.
  • Video Broadcasting – The host of the meeting can choose to broadcast imagery from his or her webcam during the meeting.  This would be useful in classroom or presentation setting because those attending the presentation can see the speaker’s face.
  • Audio Broadcasting– The free version of DimDim allows the meeting host and up to three additional participants to broadcast audio from their computer.  Use this for small group chats when group members can’t meet face-to-face.
  • Public Chat – Each meeting included a public, text-based chat feature, so that all members of the meeting can talk together.
  • Media Sharing – The presenter controls what each attendee is seeing in the meeting.  He or she can choose from a powerpoint presentation, web page or document to share with attendees.   The presenter can also display a whiteboard that attendees can all write to.  By using a browser plugin, the presenter can even share his or her desktop with the audience.
Food for thought
Perhaps you know someone who could give a great presentation to your class or organization, but can’t make it to Macomb.  Have them setup a DimDim meeting and give an online presentation.  No travel required!
Tech Tip:

Starting a meeting:
Go to www.dimdim.com and sign in with your username and password.
On the first screen choose either the start button to begin the meeting right away or the schedule button to schedule a meeting for a later time or date.
Inviting people to your meeting
Once you have logged on and started your meeting, click on the invite button from either the middle of the main screen or from the left hand column.
After you click on the invite button, type in the email addresses of all of the people that you would like to send the invitation to (maximum of 20 people with the free version), separated by semicolons.
Once you have typed in all of your participants click the Web Meeting e-Mail button to send the invitations.
From here the participants will need to check their email and accept the meeting request and they will be brought directly to your room.
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