Quicktime X (version 10.0) for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

QuickTime X Logoby Michael Kieca, Technology Resource Checkout Graduate Assistant

Although QuickTime has been around since 1991, a much-needed upgrade for it has finally arrived with QuickTime X.  Unlike QuickTime 7 and QuickTime Pro, which are compatible for both Mac and PC, QuickTime X is only for the Mac and runs on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  The brand new version of QuickTime Player allows you to watch video on an uncluttered interface that fades in controls only when you want to use them.  Also, thumbnails are used to show chapter breaks for easy-to-use navigation.  Another new feature in QuickTime X allows you to capture video and audio using the built-in camera and microphone in your Mac.  Once you have completed video and/or audio, you are able to trim your media file to your liking and sync it to an iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV through iTunes.  Another option that you have once you trimmed your file is the ability to share your media to MobileMe or YouTube without having to worry about formatting the file.  You can also record the actions that you make on your screen by screen recording.  This is a great tool for an instructional media file or when you want to teach someone how to do something.  QuickTime X has taken a huge step forward to accommodate all of your media needs.

QuickTime 7


QuickTime Pro

(Purchase only)

QuickTime X

(Installs with Snow Leopard)

Watching Video

Video/Audio Recording

Screen Recording




PC Compatible

Mac Compatible

(Snow Leopard Only)


  • High quality media playback
  • Uncluttered interface
  • One click recording
  • Trimming media files
  • Share to iTunes, MobileMe or YouTube

QuickTime X in Education

  • Create video and audio files for presentations or projects
  • Create screen recordings for step-by-step video instructions
  • Have students create video or audio files and post directly to a YouTube class account
  • Media playback in class

TechTip:  Screen Recording on Quicktime 10 for Mac OS 10.6:

By:  Amanda Richards, Interactive Multimedia Lab Assistant

In order for you to have the ability to make recordings (video, audio, screen) on a Mac you must have Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard installed and install Quicktime 10 from the Snow Leopard install CD/DVD.

To begin your screen recording, open Quicktime 10.

When Quicktime is opened go to File > New Screen Recording

Press the Red Record button.

On the next menu, click Start Recording.  All actions done on the computer will now be recorded.

After you are finished recording, click the Stop Recording button on the top right hand side of your screen.

To end the screen recording you can also press Command+Control+ESC

Your screen recording will appear in its own window where you will then have the ability to play it back and view and listen to it.   You can then either save it normally as a Quicktime movie or you can also share it out to iTunes, MobileMe Gallery, or even YouTube from the Share menu.

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