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Part one of a two part series on interactive whiteboard technology

Are you looking for a way to increase Engagement, Motivation and Knowledge Retention in your classroom? Look no further! Interactive whiteboards deliver engaging visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences in the classroom.

Interactive whiteboards are touch-sensitive screens, or devices that when combined with software tools makes a projected surface touch sensitive that works in conjunction with a computer and projector, or a flat-panel display.

Benefits in the Classroom

  • Promote social activities –Mimio technology allows you to create lessons and activities in the classroom that center around interactivity. Get your students up out of their seats and participating through the use of a powerful, touch-based interface.
  • Give students control – Creating lessons with lots of interactivity will give students the opportunity to be a part of the lesson rather than merely being passive observers.

Simple, but Powerful

  • Easy to setup – Weighing less than three pounds and coming in a convenient carrying case, the Mimio system is perfect for travel. Its small size makes it perfect for teachers that move between classrooms as well as those who need an interactive setup for presentations outside the classroom.
  • Easy to use – It is said that an educator can pick up the basics of the Mimio system in one short introductory lesson. The rest of the features can easily be learned through a few days of using the system.

This is a small list of the features of the Mimio system. Please join us for a workshop to see these features and many more!

  • Content Gallery – The Mimio system comes pre-loaded with audiovisual content for many different age groups and subjects. You can use this content as-is or modify it to suit the needs of your classroom.
  • Annotation / Screen Capture – Interact with your PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other applications in a brand new way! Make annotations directly on the screen and save them for playback later!
  • Notes – Keep notes within a screen capture session. Record student notes directly within the lesson.

Additional Resources
Be sure to check out these resources for interactive lesson plans, activities and more information on the Mimio system, as well as other popular interactive whiteboards.

MimioConnect: http://www.mimioconnect.com/ – A community for educators using Mimio systems.

Interactivate: http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/ – Interactive Java based courseware for exploring science and math.

Whiteboard Tools from the National Numeracy Strategy: http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/teacher/maths/whiteboard_tools/

Interactive Internet Resources: http://www1.center.k12.mo.us/edtech/resources/SBsites.htm – A variety of interactive websites for social studies, math, and science.

PowerPoint Games: http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/PPT-games/ Even more fun when you play them on an Interactive Whiteboard!

Tech Tip – Using the Mimio Mouse in Interactive Mode and Mimio Stylus Pens in Capture Mode

There are two different modes that Mimio uses, Interactive and Capture. Interactive mode is when your computer isImage of Mimio Tools projected onto the board. The Mimio bar is placed outside of this projection and you are using your Mimio mouse to interact with your computer at the board. When in Interactive mode you should be using the Mimio mouse.

In Capture mode you can have your handwritten notes automatically saved to your computer. Place your Mimio bar onto your dry erase board. You will be using a Mimio marker stylus with a regular EXPO dry erase marker inside. If you make mistakes you will use the capture eraser. You write your notes normally with the dry erase marker stylus and the Mimio bar automatically converts those handwritten notes digitally to your computer and the Mimio notebook software. Once it is in the software you can then highlight different parts of your notes and change the colors, sizes and position of your notes on the computer.

Mimio has produced two videos that demonstrate the differences in using the Mimio mouse and the Mimio marker stylus and also show how you switch between the different modes.

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