Soshiku (Manage/Track Your Schoolwork)

By Mike Kieca, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Soshiku is an online tool that allows you to keep track of all your assignments throughout the school year, and it’s free.  You add the courses and assignments that you have due and Soshiku can notify you by email or text message.  Once you are logged in, you are able to see any overdue assignments or any upcoming events.  You are able to keep track of each course you have and its individual assignments by designating courses and color coordinating them on your calendar.

When working on assignments, you can attach notes or files through Soshiku, and it even allows you to chat with friends to make it much easier to work in groups.  Once you add a friend, you are able to keep track of their work load and receive updates when they attach files or finish their assignment.  You can even access Soshiku on your phone by getting email or text reminders as well as adding assignments.  Soshiku is the perfect management tool for anyone, at any level.


  • Assignment calendar
  • Email and text message notifications
  • Live chat
  • Share attachments and notes with partners

Tech Tip – Adding an Assignment and Setup Notifications

Adding an assignment:

At the Home screen, go to add new assignment on the top right

Be sure to name your assignment and make sure that it is under the proper course name.  The calendar below makes it easy to designate what day it is due.

Before you finalize your assignment, be sure to setup your notifications either through your email address or your phone.  You are also able to choose when you want to receive the notification.

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