By Whitney Ezell, Interactive Multimedia Lab Assistant

Droplr was founded, designed and developed by Josh Bryant of Tiny Crumb and Droplr LogoLevi Nunnink of Culturezoo.  Droplr is a fairly new Mac OS X application that allows you to share things through the Internet a lot easier. There are many ways to share things but Droplr makes it very easy and just includes “dropping” the file to share it. Droplr gives the user 1GB of space for free allowing you to save as many files and pictures needed. Droplr also allows the sharing of notes and codes were ever the user would like.  To compose a note or code click the compose note and begin writing. As soon as your finished Droplr gives you a URL and you are able to share it that easy! Droplr is integrated with Twitter so it makes it very easy to share things through any of the twitter applications you have, such as Bluebird, Twitt, and the original Twitter. When sharing files with Droplr, dragging and dropping the URL connects the file to any email or presentation you would like and it brings you to it in seconds! This is also the same for sharing pictures and screenshots.  Once uploaded onto Droplr, the user is able to share it almost anywhere on the Web. Best of all Droplr is available for free. Downloading the Dropr application takes 5 minutes and you are able to get started right away.  To download Droplr visit http://droplr.com.

Features include:

  • File sharing
  • Screenshots
  • Photo and image sharing
  • Text and note sharing
  • 1GB storage

Tech Tip – Uploading Files to Twitter using Droplr

By Whitney Ezell, Interactive Multimedia Lab Assistant

  • Make sure to log onto Twitter
  • Then begin by saving a selected picture to your computer.
  • Then simply Drag and drop the picture onto the Droplr icon in the corner.

  • From there left click and a pop up will appear with the link of the picture and the twitter link.

  • Click on the twitter symbol and you are instantly taken to the Twitter website with the url in your tweet box.

Saving a note or code:

  • Left click on the Droplr icon and a window will pop. Select the

  • From there you will be able to compose anything you would like. Click the upload at the bottom right And Droplr will make a URL that can be embedded to emails, twitter, and as well as presentations.

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