Microsoft Photo Story 3

By Hayley Dallmann, Interactive Multimedia Lab Assistant

Photo Story 3 is a free Microsoft program that is available for download. Photo Story Photo Story 3allows the user to touch-up, crop and rotate pictures as well as, create slideshows which include text, music, transitions and voice over narration. After creating a slideshow, save your small file and share it in email, watch them on your TV, computer or a Windows-Mobile device.  Photo Story not only is quick and easy to use but makes creating a simple slideshow and sharing it, even easier than before.

To download Microsoft Photo Story 3 visit:

Microsoft Photo Story 3 Features:

  • Smart Enhancements and Image Correction
    • With a single click, correct top issues such as contrast, color levels and red-eye imperfections in your pictures
    • Automatically remove black borders on a single picture, or all of your pictures in a single step using MSR technology
  • Share Stories in a Whole New Way
    • Easily share via email using your favorite email client – attach your photo story with just a click!
    • Burn to CD using Windows XP built-in CD burning
    • Experience even more on Media Center 2005 PCs – enjoy your Photo Stories again and again on your home TV or burn to DVD using built-in DVD burning.
    • Enjoy your photos on the hottest new Windows Mobile portable devices with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile including the new AT&T Wireless Smartphone, Dell Axim X50, and Portable Media Center devices.

Photo Story Resources/Example Ideas

Tech Tips: How to use Microsoft Photo Story 3

  1. The first step to Photo Story 3 is to begin a new story, it does however give you the option to edit a previously created story. On this screen select, “Begin a new story.” Press Next.
  2. Once you have started a new story, Photo Story will ask you to import the photos that you want to include in your project. Press “Import Pictures” and then locate the photos that you would like on your computer, press OK.
  3. Once you have successfully imported photos you can edit and arrange the photos that you are including in your slide show. To edit a photo, double click on that photos. Underneath it will give you options to edit color, cropping, rotation and red eye; simple easy to use commands. At this point you may also add caption sand titles to the photos.
  4. Click each photo you would like to create a caption or title for. Type in the provided text field what you would like to include on your photo, edit as you would like.
  5. Once you have captioned all of your photos, it is time to add your voice and narration to the story. Click the Red record button (after you have microphone hooked up) to begin recording your voice. Once you are done, click stop. You may preview what your story looks like thus far by oressing the “Preview…” button.
  6. Once you have the narration done you can add music. Locate music on your computer you would like in your slide show, press OK.
  7. To finish up your photo story decide what size you would like to save your project for: Save, Email, Mobile Device, etc.  Browse for a location on your computer you’d like to save your project. Press “Next”
  8. You have now completed your photo story, press “View your story” to see what you created!

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