Facebook Privacy

By Michael Kieca, Technology Resource Checkout Graduate Assistant

To date, there are over 600 million active users that use Facebook, and I assume you are one of them. But I don’t think that you have your Facebook locked down to its full capacity. Since its creation in February 2004, security settings have evolved throughout time to make sure that people only see what you want them to see. Then again, there are a lot of hidden tricks that can be learned to make sure the minimum is seen, if anything.

Facebook is a great social tool to keep in touch with everyone you have gone to school with or work with, but there are some that you want to keep away from your information. A lot of people may know how to hide their birthday or how to hide photos, but those people may not know that you can remove your name from search results on Facebook and even on Google. Another thing that most people do not take advantage of is creating friend lists. Once you accept a friendship, you can immediately add them to a certain list and allow them to see certain areas of your profile or not. These are just a few areas and even though there are several things you need to read and check throughout Facebook security, it is worth going through because you never know what kind of person is trying to get your information or find out what you are doing.

Facebook privacy features:

  • Create friend lists
  • Remove yourself from search results
  • Hide photos/videos
  • Prevent stories in News Feeds
  • Privatize relationships and comments

Tech Tip – Making Your Profile More Secure

By Hayley Dallmann, Interactive Multimedia Lab Assistant

The first step to having a more “Secure” Facebook page is know where to find your privacy settings on Facebook. Go to Account > Privacy Settings

The next step to securing your Facebook is to decide what type of settings you would like to have, and who you want to share your information with. Facebook gives you the option to share with Everyone on Facebook, Just Friends of Friends, Your Friends only and then there are Custom settings.

Off to the right (based on your selected settings) you will see what pieces of your information are being shown and to who they are being shown indicated by the dots. The most secure settings for your page is to set everything to “Friends Only” insuring that only the people who accept as your “friend” can see what you post on your page and the information you share.

The photos below shows the different settings that can be changed. To make your profile more secure select “Only me”, in doing so it allows only you to see that particular set of information.

Within each privacy settings there are custom settings that you can make.

Facebook also makes it possible to block certain friends lists from seeing things while also creating specific special settings for that particular group.

For more information on Facebook’s privacy rules and settings visit:https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/privacy/explanation.php

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