SmartBoard Gallery/Template Lessons

By Carlo Daniels, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Whether you are using Notebook’s built-in gallery or using an existing template from SMART Board’s website, there exists a vast array of educational resources to work with when creating interactive Notebook lessons and activities.

The Gallery

The gallery contains many different categories of resources that include, but are not limited to clip art, interactive tools, games, slide themes, and activity items like graph paper and maps.  Such variety allows for students to get out of their seats and use the SMART board for activities like using the lined paper template from the gallery to allow students to practice essays-writing-for-me.comwriting or using a map template to label countries.  What is more is that all of these resources are also categorized by academic subject within the Notebook gallery to allow for easy navigation when finding the resource that is right for you.  Subjects include Mathematics, History, Science and Technology, Geography, Arts, etc.

SMART Exchange

SMART exchange’s homepage,, not only contains more free high-quality resources to download for building a lesson or activity but also links to other useful websites and multimedia resources.  You also have the option to share your own SMART Notebook lessons that you have created with other teachers.  In addition, many different forums allow you to communicate with educators around the world on related topics such as SMART Products, Resources, and Support.

Using the Smart Notebook Gallery and S­­­mart Exchange Interactive Templates

By Hayley Dallmann, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

The SMART Notebook is one of the best resources that a SMART Board user can access. Beyond creating lessons from scratch, there are many free and additional resources available located in the SMART Notebook Gallery and the SMART Exchange database.

The SMART Notebook Gallery gives the user an abundance of free clip art and interactive clip art that can be added to lessons to make them more interactive for the SMART Board user.

To view different categories and what is offered, click on each folder.

Once inside the folders, the SMART Notebook breaks down the different categories into Pictures, Interactive and Multimedia elements and also Notebook files and Pages.

The next added component that a SMART Board user has free access to is the Smart Exchange Interactive Templates. Every Template found on this online gallery is free to each user.

Items such as the above will appear. In order to access these lessons click “Download”. In order to download these lessons the user must create a free user account. Upon downloading, this lesson will be automatically brought into the SMART Board gallery.

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