iPad Apps (Idea Flight, Flipboard, Edmodo)

By Amanda Richards, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

Idea Flight

The application Idea Flight is an iPad application that you can download for free and use to share your ideas. This application allows you to change the dynamics of any meeting by allowing you to connect to up to 16 other iPads.  Once you share your presentation you can either lock your presentation in order to hold your audience’s attention or you can leave it unlocked and allow others to work along with you. Any file that can be saved as a PDF may be presented through Idea Flight. The program also has a notes feature so that any time during the meeting you can open your notes, update them,  save them locally or to Dropbox, email them from the app, and access them at anytime.  The app also comes with a security feature that allows you to require a “boarding code” or 4 digit password for participants to enter in order to gain access to your presentation.  Another feature is the “passenger list”. Participants are identified by their names, titles, and organizations. Participants may also sign into LinkedIn and connect to the passenger list that way.


Flip Board works like a magazine application where you can add content, social networks and aggregate content specifically to your interests. The app works fluently with easy swiping motions to the left and right direction to flip through content. Each pane of your Flip board is continually updated as new information or news feeds become available.


Edmodo is an online resource that also has an iPad application to accompany it. Edmodo is a social learning networking site that allows for students and teachers to share files, assignments, events, and ideas. Teachers can keep a class calendar, have a public stream, and conduct roles. Another feature of Edmodo is the sites ability to send out text message alerts to students. Teachers also have the ability to send and receive assignments, as well as keep a grade book for students to view. The iPad application provides a calendar, grades, ability to view and attach files, view posts and notifications, and organize folders of content.

TechTip – Idea Flight

By Michael Kieca, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Inviting Passengers to your Presentation:

If you want to send your presentation to invitees of the meeting, enter in the invitees email address in the prompt that comes up once you open the app.

Your invitee will receive your email and if they do not have the app already, they will be able to download it from your email.

If they are not connected, it gives you an option to connect.

If they are connected, it will say so underneath their title.

As the pilot of the meeting, you will notice a people icon in the corner of your screen and if you tap on that icon your passenger list will come up and show you who is signed into their Linkedin account or not.

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