More iPad Apps (Idea Sketch, Mindmash, Sundry Notes, Dragon Dictation)

By Carlo Daniels, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Idea Sketch

This free app allows one to create different types of diagrams such as concept maps, flow charts, mind maps, etc. and enables one to convert it to a text outline and vice versa.  Such diagrams can be used as brainstorming devices, concept illustrations, lists and outlines, organizational charts, presentational aids, etc.  The intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes up for any lack of artistic drawing ability, allowing one to simply enter text and move shapes around to create diagrams.  Diagrams can also be saved to the Photos app and uploaded to Facebook.


MindMash is a canvas on an iPad for one’s ideas that can be used by students, teachers, designers, bloggers, artists, and other creative individuals.  It is another free note-taking and brainstorming application that enables one to combine and manipulate text, images, and drawings (known as ‘bits’) to compose a mash-up of visual outputs for either professional or personal purposes.  The free-form layout and user interface on the app aids greatly in the creative process by allowing one to easily edit bits of information.  It is a great application for conglomerating different bits of multimedia into one note taking sheet or sheets.

Sundry Notes

Sundry Notes is a free note-taking app for the iPad that allows one to write text, highlight text, and draw.  However, what sets the app apart from many other note taking apps is its plethora of other features that don’t necessarily come with standard note taking apps.  These include the ability to record audio, create tables, bookmark parts of notes to return to them, undo or redo an action up to 50 times, and even search the Internet with its built in web browser, which can be very useful when looking up information about the subject you are taking notes on.  All notes can also be stored online via the cloud feature.  What is more is that notes can be edited in real-time with other users under the same WiFi network and notes can be synced to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, and Facebook to allow one’s notes to be downloaded and shared.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a free application that specializes in voice recognition.    It enables one to instantly see their speech as text on the iPad.  The app is compatible with online features like social networking applications and email accounts as it allows one to dictate information directly to Facebook, Twitter, or personal email.  The app also supports a plethora of world languages.

TechTip – MindMash

By Hayley Dallmann, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

This is the home screen of MindMash, as you can see there are multiple buttons that allow you to draw, type and create different “bits”.

This second screen shot, allows you to draw and design different layouts using shapes. This can be extremely helpful for layout designs. Images can be added to fill in your layout.

Adding  text to your layout can more clearly explain your brainstorm. To type click on the “Aa” button. This enables a text/typing box.

Photos can be added to your “bits” by clicking on the icon that looks like a Polaroid photo. This allows you to take a picture using your device or finding a photo already on the device.

When you have completed your mindmash project you can share the file to Facebook, twitter, as an email, or into photos by choosing the icon on the top of the screen as shown below.

When choosing the gear icon, your settings and a help option for mindmash appear.  In the settings tab you can choose to connect to either Facebook or Twitter. You can also choose between two themes, classic and Zen.  The help tab allows you to view copyright information as well as a brief description of what action each of the 3 icons on the top of the screen do.

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