Form Creation (Acrobat Pro X, Google Forms, Wufoo)

By Michael Kieca, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant

Fillable forms are used in education and learning in many ways like surveys, tests, assessments, and analysis.  There are 3 easy ways that you can create and edit your own fillable forms by using Adobe Acrobat Pro, Google Forms, and/or  Each one of these programs allows you to go through step-by-step and create your own form, edit an old form, or use a template to customize the form to your own liking.  You can create questions for recipients to type in their own answers, choose a multiple choice answer, choose from a drop-down menu, choose the best available, or all that apply.

Acrobat Professional X

Acrobat Pro X allows you to create your own form in any way that you want.  There is no layout to follow, so you can mix up your form and edit it to your liking.  Acrobat Pro X gives you the option to send out your form through email and receive their results on a spreadsheet once they answer.  This is an easy way to gather information for any research project or any order form that you need filled out.  Acrobat Pro software is not free however, it is available between $50-80 as an educational price, or COEHS students, faculty and staff can use the software in the IMM Lab.  For more information visit

Google Forms

Google Forms may be the easiest way to create a form because you can do it from your very own Google account and it’s free!  You can start from scratch or choose from a variety of templates to create your form.  The form that you create in Google Docs is automatically attached to a spreadsheet, so when you send out your form to different recipients, their answers are automatically recorded into the Spreadsheet.  For more information visit


Wufoo is very similar to Google Forms in the way that you can create and edit forms but the free version only allows you to have 3 free forms under your account.  If you wanted more forms and additional options you would need to pay for a monthly account, where you can have anywhere from 10 to unlimited forms, with however many fields you need, and store up to 10GBs of data.  The price range is anywhere from $14.95 – $199.95 per month.  These accounts can be bought for personal use or may even be bought for a research company or university.  For more information visit


  • Create from scratch
  • Choose from templates
  • Collect data automatically through spreadsheets
  • Create tests and surveys
  • Send out surveys

TechTip – Adobe Acrobat Professional X

By Amanda Richards, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

When creating a fillable form you have 3 ways in which you can begin. If you have an existing word document you can change it into a PDF and select An Existing Electronic Document. If you have a hard copy you can scan the document into Acrobat. Acrobat Pro X will then detect the form fields of either the document or scanned item, and make them interactive. The following instructions walk you through the final way to create a fillable form, creating a form from scratch.


Open Acrobat Professional X

Click Tools from the top right corner of the screen.

Under Tools, choose the drop down menu Pages -> under Insert pages click More Insert Options -> choose Insert Blank Page.

Under Tools choose the Forms dropdown menu  ->  Click Edit.

Add or edit form message box will pop up. Choose YES

Save your document

No fields will be detected because the page is blank. Click OK. You will then be able to add new fields to create your own form.

Under Tasks, choose Add New Field

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