SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards

Part two of a two part series on interactive whiteboard technology Image of a SMART Board™

Are you looking for a way to increase Engagement, Motivation and Knowledge Retention in your classroom? Look no further! Interactive whiteboards deliver engaging visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences in the classroom.

Interactive whiteboards are touch-sensitive screens, or devices that when combined with software tools makes a projected surface touch sensitive that works in conjunction with a computer and projector, or a flat-panel display.

Join us for part two of our two part series, SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards!

How Does it Work?

SMART Board™ technology works with your computer, a projector, the SMART Board™ and its related software to create an environment in which you can interact with your computer screen using a stylus or even just your finger! Within the Smart Notebook software, you can draw, create shapes, animate objects, and a host of other features.

Unique to SMART Board™

Last week we discussed another interactive whiteboard – the mimio system. Because the SMART Board™ is not a whiteboard, but a unique piece of interactive hardware, there are many more features available.

Magic PenUse the magic pen to magnify or highlight any area of the screen by drawing a square or a circle. Additionally, you can use this tool to write notes that will automatically disappear after a few seconds.

Handwriting Recognition – SMART Board™s are capable of recognizing text when you write it. Just write your notes with a SMART pen or your finger, and use the handwriting recognition tool to turn your handwriting into text!

A Gallery of InteractivityBuilt into the SMART Board™ software are a wealth of interactive games and lessons pre-built to get your students out of their seats and learning in a hands-on way. (The mimio provides some of these as well, but many, many more are available in the SMART Board™ by default.)

Digital Ink Layer – Open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, your web browser or other applications and take notes directly on the screen. Not only can you annotate these documents in real-time, but you can save your annotations as image files in your Smart Notebook, and export them as .jpg, .gif, or .pdf.

Where can I find a SMART Board to use in my Classroom?

Many classrooms within the college are already equipped with SMART Board™ technology. Additionally, if the classroom you teach in does not have a SMART Board™ you can check a unit out fro the Technology Resource Checkout in Horrabin Hall 111. Join us for one of our workshops to see how you can incorporate this amazing advance in interactivity into your classroom.

Tech Tip – SMART Exchange

SMART Board™’s website has a place for educators to quickly find, evaluate, download and share thousands of free, high-quality, educational resources that can be used with your board. This educational area of their website is called the SMART Exchange and you can visit it by going to Here you will find that you have access to SMART Notebook lesson activities, SMART Response question sets, links to useful websites and multimedia resources.

Once you are at SMART Exchange’s homepage you will be able to browse by curriculums including but not limited to English as a Second Language, Health and Physical Education, Science, Citizenship, English Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Cross-curricular, Geography, and Special Education. You may also search by Standards-Correlated Lessons, by selecting your standard, grade-level, and subject and view what related resources are available to you.

If you have developed your own SMART Notebook Lesson and would like to share it with other teachers across the nation and worldwide, you can share your resources right from SMART Exchange as well.

This is also a great area to connect to other teachers and colleagues around the world. The SMART Exchange includes several different forums that you can communicate on related topics such as SMART Products, Resources, and Support.

SMART Technologies is currently conducting a SMART Exchange Content Challenge where you could win prizes by submitting and sharing your lesson activities. Do you have a great SMART Notebook™ lesson activity? Now you can share it on the SMART Exchange online community for a chance to win a variety of SMART Products, including a SMART Interactive Classroom PE.

Submit your SMART Notebook lesson activities before May 31, 2010 to be eligible to win. To view more information about this contest please visit

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