By Hayley Dallmann, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

Researching a topic and having a hard time fishing through thousands of pages and information to find what you’re looking for? Finding the right information is not always the easiest thing to do. MentorMob is the perfect free online application to help you with this problem.  MentorMob was founded in October of 2008 by Kris Chinosorn.

MentorMob gives you the ability to create “Learning Playlists.” Creating and editing Learning Playlists is a free and easy process. It allows the user to gather important and useful information that has been found and put it into a playlist, all based on one certain topic.  These learning playlists can contain links to articles, video and timelines about a topic that an educator can then share with their students and others.  Playlists can be made public or private.  If made private the playlist will be un-editable by others.  If made public others can join in and collaborate and edit the playlist to add useful content that they have found to grow the playlist collaboratively much like Wikipedia.

MentorMob gives searching the Internet a sense of organization so you don’t have to stumble through useless information that usually sends you straight in to a dead end.  The objective of MentorMob is to allow the user to spend more time learning and less time searching for what they need.

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TechTip- MentorMob Playlist Creation

By Melissa Gatza, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

Creating your own playlist on MentorMob is simple and fun. In just a few steps, you can add your content and begin sharing with the world or use it privately.

When creating a playlist, you first enter information, which includes the title of your playlist, a description of the playlist, whether it is for recreational or academic use, the categories that the playlist falls under, and important topics the playlist can be tagged with.

After selecting “continue”, you can dictate how private you would like to keep your playlist in the “Privacy Settings”. You can choose whether everyone or just you can see the playlist and whether everyone or just you can add and remove content within the playlist.

After selecting “Save & Add Content”, you can finally put material into your playlist. Selecting the plus sign anywhere in the playlist box will give you the screen to add content.

Insert the URL of your content and then select “Next”. You can also upload your own file to the playlist.

Add a title, a description of your source, whether it is an article or a video, and then choose the most appropriate user skill level for your content. Then, you may choose to select a thumbnail picture to represent your playlist entry.

After you select “Save”, the source will be added to your playlist. You may then grab and drag the items to reorganize the, or choose “Done editing” to publish your playlist.

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