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By Amanda Richards, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant

Live Binders is a website that works as an online organization tool for URL’s, PDF files, pictures, movies, power points, and word documents.  Instead of saving a list of URL’s and having information in different places you can use Live Binders in order to collaborate your resources, organize them neatly, save time, go paperless, and view a combination of links and files in a book format. Along with creating your own personalized binders you also have the opportunity to search through binders that other users have created.

When creating a binder you have the option of making your binder private or public. If you want to create a binder that is private but you still want to be able to let friends see the binder you can then use the share tool to share the link to any specific binder. Another exciting tool in Live Binders is the use of the Google auto fill feature.  When creating a binder you have the ability to type in a couple of key words and Google will bring up websites that are relevant to your topic. You can then sort through the content moving each tab to the left or right, or choosing to delete a tab. As a student I have found this tool particular helpful especially when just starting a new project or paper.

Creating a Live Binders account is simple and free! In order to sign up simply go to, create a username and a password.  Currently there is not a paid subscription available, however there is a section for upgrades where the creators have a questionnaire on what paid subscription features would be useful.

There is a link to a webinar recording put on by “Classroom 2.0 LIVE” at that covers Live Binders and its educational uses.

For more information please visit

Tech Tip – Adding Resources to Your Binder

By Nicole Dobyns, Graduate Assistant Instructional Development Services

Creating a binder in LiveBinders is really simple. This tech tip is going to take you through step by step on how to create a new binder for your personal use on LiveBinders.

First, you will want to create a new binder by clicking on the link on the left side of the page as shown below.

Click the highlighted area to create a new binder.

Once you have clicked on, “Start a Blank Binder,” you can add all the details of the binder like the name, description, privacy settings, and even create a password to protect your binder even more.

Once you have filled out the form like the one below, click, “Create New Binder,” and you are ready to add tabs and other resources to the binder. You can use this binder just like you might in a professional setting or for class where you can add tabs to it, and add documents. One huge difference is the ability to add websites as sources within the binder.

Adding resources to the binder can be really fun. Start searching for things that relate to your topic. You can websites, PDF documents, Word Documents, pictures, and movies. Your blank binder will look like the picture below. The first source we are going to add today is a website. Simply copy and paste a website from the address bar in a browser, and copy it to the “Enter a URL Box” as shown in the picture below.

Once you have found the URL you would like, copy and paste it into the box as shown above, and then click insert. Once you insert the website, the site will show up in the binder as it does below. This makes for easy navigation around the sites within your binder.

Adding documents, movies, or pictures will help to make your binder even better. To add a document simply click the “Edit Menu” button on the right side of the page.

This will bring up a menu at the bottom of the screen where you can add different types of files and change some of the more advanced settings of the binder. When you open the Edit Menu initially, it will start out in the Binder Properties. Under Binder Properties, you can change the description, title, author name, category, and privacy you might have changed when you created the binder initially. 

You will want to click on Upload File as highlighted above, and that will bring to a different screen like the one below. Click on “Choose File” and you can go browse on your computer for a document movie or picture to upload to your binder.

Once you have found the file you want to put into the binder, click upload. Now, you do have the option to upload directly to a new tab or a new subtab. I recommend using one of these two options in order to make this process easier. I am choosing to upload as a new tab for our purposes here.

Once you have clicked “Upload to New Tab” your picture, video, or document will appear in the new tab as shown below. Now you know the basics of how to add different kinds of resources to your LiveBinder. Have fun!

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