Stormboard (Formerly Edistorm) (Online Brainstorm/Planning)

By Melissa Gatza, Instructional Development Services Lab Assistant
****  Edistorm has been updated and the name has been changed to Stormboard. For more information check out the website ***
Edistorm was inspired by Thomas Edison’s idea factories, which is a concept more commonly known today as brainstorming. Edistorm enables multiple people to collaborate online, allowing [...]

More iPad Apps (Idea Sketch, Mindmash, Sundry Notes, Dragon Dictation)

By Carlo Daniels, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant
Idea Sketch
This free app allows one to create different types of diagrams such as concept maps, flow charts, mind maps, etc. and enables one to convert it to a text outline and vice versa.  Such diagrams can be used as brainstorming devices, concept illustrations, lists and outlines, organizational [...]