iPad Apps (iMovie & Forms)

By Carlo Daniels, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant
iMovie for iPad

Apple’s iMovie for its mobile devices is a powerful and simply effective video editing tool that utilizes only the touch of one’s finger to tap, drag, and swipe to create exciting trailers and movie compositions. One can choose from existing videos or photos straight [...]

Form Creation (Acrobat Pro X, Google Forms, Wufoo)

By Michael Kieca, Instructional Development Services Graduate Assistant
Fillable forms are used in education and learning in many ways like surveys, tests, assessments, and analysis.  There are 3 easy ways that you can create and edit your own fillable forms by using Adobe Acrobat Pro, Google Forms, and/or Wufoo.com.  Each one of these programs allows you [...]

Google Sites

By Kerry Wisdom, Technology Resource Checkout Graduate Assistant
Google Sites is a customizable application that enables users to create their own website within minutes and also allows them to collaborate and share information. Google Sites is a recent addition to the Google family and was actually started out by JotSpot which was acquired by Google in [...]