College of Education & Human Services

Technology Support at COEHS

COEHS Technology staff provide a basic level of technical support to faculty, staff, and students using hardware, software, and equipment owned by Western Illinois University.   

All inquiries for support on hardware or equipment owned privately will be referred to an appropriate technician.

  Emergency Notification StatusReporting Technical Difficulties on the Macomb Campus (Emergency Status)

If you have a technology emergency in the classroom that you are assigned to teach in contact the COEHS Dean’s Office (309) 298-1690 immediately so that one of the COEHS technology staff can meet you in
 the room and provide assistance.

If an emergency is experienced after the hour of 4:30p.m. or on a weekend, contact (309) 298-2704. 

Normal Status Technical Difficulty IconReporting Technical Difficulties on the Macomb Campus (Non-Emergency Status)

If you experience a technical difficulty that is not an emergency or have a suggestion regarding technology in a classroom, contact our technology staff at (309)298-3076, or email Josh Butcher ( .)


**Note: Please keep in mind there are times when the COEHS technician will be able to automatically fix the situation while there will be other times that the COEHS technician will have to contact University Technology (uTech) for further support.  When uTech has to be consulted, the COEHS technician will assist you or your staff in submitting a help ticket and monitoring the progress of your situation until the issue is resolved.

Levels of Technology Support Provided

Our COEHS Technology Staff can provide basic technical support on the following:

  • Software and driver installation and assistance
  • WesternOnline activation, course copy, backup and removal
  • Connection and configuration of peripherals (scanners,digital cameras, storage devices, and etc.)
  • Connecting to and uploading files to WIU web space
  • Desktop connection and configuration of Mobile Technologies (Smartphones, iPods, PDAs, and etc.)
  • Just-in-time training in COEHS e-classrooms on the Macomb Campus
  • SMARTBoard Training
  • Basic Support Issues (e.g. accessing the SAMBA drive, connecting wires that have been accidentally disconnected, downloading specialized drivers applications such as Adobe Reader, Firefox, Java, Flash Player, and etc.)

All other technology hardware and software support issues should be directed to the uTech Support Center by calling (309) 298-2704. You can also try to solve solve your problem on Western's Online Knowledgebase .

Reporting Technical Difficulties on the Quad Cities Campus

The WIU-QC technology team supports a wide array of technical needs spanning 8 locations in the Quad Cities area. They support standard electronic and video conferencing classrooms at the 60th Street Campus and Caxton Block buildings as well as 2 teaching labs, 1 open lab and 1 mobile lab. WIU-QC uTech offers electronic devices for check-out and have onsite support during normal business hours. Their energetic team strives to provide practical solutions to students, faculty, and staff needs.