College of Education & Human Services

Technology @COEHS


Teaching and Learning at a Distance 

As part of the College's mission statement, distance education plays a vital role in connecting teachers and students in an instant, even with hundreds of miles in between.

Faculty and students require the human and social support to effectively integrate technology into their teaching and learning. COEHS is dedicated to providing the incentives, training, and support necessary to use various technologies and distance delivery venues effectively and inventively.

With the continual evolution of the Internet the geographical boundaries of our world are "virtually" shrinking. People are constantly connected and COEHS is actively keeping up with trends in online course delivery.

Currently, we provide courses at a distance in six of our academic departments.These include, Counselor Education/ and College Student Personnel; Health Sciences and Social Work; Kinesiology; Law Enforcement and Justice Administration; Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration; and the School of Education.