College of Education & Human Services

Faculty Innovators

The Faculty Innovators Program is a 24-month professional 
development program for faculty. Our mission is to create
 a cadre of technology "champions" throughout the COEHS who 
will mentor their fellow faculty members and raise the standard for 
technology integration in teaching and learning.

If you would like to participate in the Faculty Innovators Program make your department chair aware of your interest!  Applications are taken for spots in the program each April! If you have specific program questions or would like more information, contact Dawn Sweet,


Faculty Innovators Explore Blended Learning and the Flipped Classroom
Fall 2014-Summer 2016!

Participants of the COEHS Faculty Innovators program will once  again be trying something new this year! One of the most common statements from past participants has been, "I learn so much from the meetings but I have little time to apply it outside of those!" Not anymore! This year we will be moving the the "Flipped" delivery format allowing faculty more time to work on developing their instructional resources! Read More. . .



Two Webinars on The Flipped Classroom by: Jonathan Bergmann
November 7, 2014 and December 5, 2014

The COEHS Faculty Innovators Present via webinar, JONATHAN BERGMANN!

Jon Bergmann is co-author of the ISTE ASCD press books Flip Your Classroom Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day, and Flipped Learning Gateway to Student Engagement. His first book is the required shared reading for the Faculty Innovators 2014-2016 cohort. Jon is a pioneer of Flipped Learning and now shares his passion for learner-centered classrooms with educators around the globe. He is currently Chief Learning Officer at TurnAbout Learning.  He received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 2002, and was names a semi-finalist for  Colorado Teacher of the Year in 2010.  Jon is a founding board member and treasurer of the Flipped Learning Network, serves on the advisory board of TED Education and hosts "The Flipped Side" radio show. Jon will present two webinars: 

  • November 7 - The Flipped Classroom  Mastery - Model for Universities  (viewing available 12-1 in Horrabin Hall 1)
  • December 5 - Tech Tools to Flip your  Class From Crazy Easy to Powerful (viewing available 12-1 in Horrabin Hall 1) 

Get more information and webinar descriptions at: contact Dawn Sweet via email at: