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Faculty Innovators

The Faculty Innovators Program is a 24-month professional 
development program for faculty. Our mission is to create
 a cadre of technology "champions" throughout the COEHS who 
will mentor their fellow faculty members and raise the standard for 
technology integration in teaching and learning.

Solving a Growing Problem

As higher education faculty have full workloads with classroom teaching assignments, field specific research, and service projects, time for exploring cutting-edge technology for teaching often becomes one of their lowest priorities.

In an institutional setting where the student population comes equipped with laptops, cell phones, iTunes, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and Second Life this raises a recurring need for a professional development program capable of supporting change in the methodologies and technologies selected for use in the classroom.

Program Goals

  • Bridge the gap between teaching and technology.
  • Meet increasing student needs and expectations for technology integration in higher education instruction.
  • Promote the development of published research projects on the efficacy of technology integration in post-secondary education.


Applications are accepted each April.  Please discuss your interest 
with your department chairperson.  

Contact Dawn Sweet,  for more information.