College of Education & Human Services

Hoot Course

Learning Objective: Student list safe methods to thaw food.

Learning Actions: During lecture various case studies will be presented to students. Students will need to evaluate the situation and available equipment. With twitter, they can answer how to safely thaw food in the situation.

In-Class Activities: During lecture as responses come in, student responses will be read and shared with the class.

Out of Class Activities: As students are out and in various food services, they can observe then comment on thawing practices.

Sample Project Idea: Students could be asked to go to 2 food service operations and ask managers how they thaw food. They could tweet answers in to use in class.

Learning Level:  College - Undergraduate

Bloom's Level: Evaluating

Discipline: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Submitted by: Carol Longley, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising,  and Hospitality, Western Illinois University