College of Education & Human Services

Kindle for iPad

Learning Objective: The visually impaired person will be able to comfortably read by being able to choose from a variety of font sizes, backgrounds and glare coverage to meet their individual visual needs.

Learning Actions: All forms of learning actions will take place as the person is reading their individualized material.

In-Class Activities:

  • Students can place textbooks on the Kindle app.
  • Students can place personal reading material on the Kindle app.
  • Students can place magazines and other literary materials on the Kindle app.

Out of Class Activities: Students can easily bring home the reading material and continue reading at a comfortable level outside of the school environment.  A person can easily read a book while at home, sitting in an office waiting for an appointment or even in a car as a passenger. 

Sample Project Idea: Students will be using this app for everyday school and personal use.  The app serves as an E-Reader while providing a person the ability to adjust the reading material to meet their individual visual needs without the cumbersome large print books.

Learning Level:  All

Bloom's Level: Applying

Discipline: Visually Impaired Students and Adults

Submitted by: Joanna Graham, Health Sciences, Western Illinois University


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