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Poll Everywhere

Learning Objective(s): To be familiar with what is going on in Crminal Justice (CJ) and Security Professionals (SP) fields domestically and internationally. To be able to develop a critical thinking process. To be able to discuss public policy issues

Learning Actions: Understand, Analyze and Evaluate learning content.

In-Class Activities: Access and check google news, read and take notes on findings and discuss the issues that were found. 

Out of Class Activities: To access and check the latest news in CJ and SP.

Sample Project Idea: In the classroom, we will access and pick up a CJ and/or SP issue (such as, Casey Anthony's acquittal case and Amanda Knox's released case from Italy).  The students will spend some time to research the fact and basic information of the case in order to understand and analyze.  In the meantime, the professor will develop and post the questions for polling/voting in class (Ex: Do you agree with the jury decision for Casey Anthony's acquittal? What were the problems with the prosecutors in this case?).  Then, we will move on to discuss public policy issues.

Learning Level:  K-16 Students and Practitioners

Bloom's Level: Anayzing

Discipline: Criminal Justice (CJ) and Security Professionals (SP)

Submitted by: Seungmug (Zech) Lee, PhD, School of Law Enforcement & Justice Administration, Western Illinois University

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