College of Education & Human Services

Swimming Positions

Learning Objective: Student will be able to break down the competitive strokes of Breaststroke, Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Butterfly.

Learning Actions: This app can assist in gathering a better understanding of the process and positioning of the body during certain swimming strokes.

In-Class Activities: Visual representation of competitive strokes. Specifically identified for textual and visual learners. Class will group together in stroke groups (fly, back, breast, front) and practice swimming skills/positions listed.

Out of Class Activities: An opportunity for students to have visual references of swimming skills for out of class swim practice and/or sessions.

Sample Project Idea: For KIN 102, students are requested to practice their swimming skills out side of class to have better performance in class...aka practice your skills. This app allows students to have a visual representation of the strokes learned in class. Additional video clips may be added to Assist in the student understanding sand performance.

Learning Level:  Undergraduate Students

Bloom's Level: Understanding

Discipline: Aquatic Education

Submitted by: Anthony Gonzales, Kinesiology, Western Illinois University