College of Education & Human Services


Learning Objective: Print disabled students will be able to access textbooks, reading books and periodicals in a format that is easy to read.

Learning Actions: Accessing reading books, textbooks and periodicals. Modifying font and backgrounds to fit individual needs. Adjust audio settings. Requesting books to fit individual needs.

In-Class Activities: Students can use this application in virtually every class ina K-12 setting. Textbooks, reading books and newspapers can be accessed and stored into the student's personal library.  Bookshare also offers a school program for teachers to use the service as a group. This service is free to those K-12 students who qualify.

Out of Class Activities: Students can read the books in their hom. It also helps students avoid bringing home heavy large print books for homework.  The app makes the information accessible in an easy format for print disabled students to feel less uncomfortable with their disability

Sample Project Idea: Any lesson in school where books are used.

Learning Level: K-12

Bloom's Level: Understanding

Discipline: Any K-12 Discipline

Submitted by: Joanna Graham, Health Sciences Department, Western Illinois University