College of Education & Human Services

Faculty Innovators

Program Requirements

With so many forces competing for faculty time and knowledge, it was essential for us to provide an initiative that focuses on change and supports faculty in a timely adoption. Therefore, we needed to find a solution that would provide an appropriate return on investment for the college, as well as a motivating and timely challenge for the individual.


  • Attend nine months of face-to-face training sessions (approx. 27 hours)
  • Complete nine months of one-on-one individualized training focused on individualized goals
  • Actively review online materials provided via the Faculty Innovators course management area
  • Participate in online discussions and instructional modules on the topics of instructional and research design
  • Design a research project regarding the impact of technology in higher education and see it through from data collection to a summarizing report, presentation, or publication
  • Share research results  or best practices in technology integration at local, state, and national events, as well as, discipline specific journals

    For more information about Faculty Innovators contact Dawn Sweet (, (309) 298-2993.