College of Education & Human Services

Technology @COEHS


Individualized Instructional Design Assistance

We are happy to offer individualized instructional design assistance to all COEHS faculty. 

Areas of Assistance

  • Development of Online Instruction
  • Blended Instructional Strategies/Flipped Classroom
  • Lesson Planning for Video Assisted Courses
  • Technology Integration Assistance
  • Instructional Analysis
  • Goal and Objective Classification
  • Events of Instruction/Lesson Planning
  • Development of Guided Practice Activities
  • Development of Engaging In-Class Activities
  • Development of Multi-Format Assessments
  • Media Selection
  • Media Training for Development
  • Course Blueprinting
  • LMS Preparation and Implementation
  • Summative and Formative Evaluation
  • Accessible Course Design
  • Student Project Assistance
  • Customized Planning (If the previous 
options don't meet your needs).

Provision of Services

  • An instructional designer to meet with you on an individualized basis, and assist you in designing 
 lessons, units or, courses from Instructional Analysis through the Evaluation phase. The process
 we will follow in assisting with your design is available at:
  • Assistance in identifying instructional gaps and solutions for improving student achievement based 
 on findings.
  • Goal and objective classifications provided by your instructional designer, based on an 
 instructional hierarchy such as Bloom's Taxonomy. This is for the purpose of selecting 
 appropriate technology and media for delivery of instruction and technology infused projects.
  • Development of a unit, course, or lesson blueprint to aid in course evaluation, accreditation, and
 future design endeavors.
  • Provision of examples, best practices, and sample lesson plans for review and consideration.
  • Hands-on technology training for you and your students provided by the Interactive Multimedia
 Lab once technology and media selection has occurred with your instructional designer.
  • Periodic informal gatherings of faculty who are participating in these services for peer support, 
 sharing and collaborative feedback.

Contact Dawn Sweet (309) 298-2993 |   to set up your first consultation!