College of Education & Human Services

COEHS Technology Planning Committee

The COEHS technology committee exists to assist COEHS administration in the development and prioritization of college-wide technology goals. Technology goals and initiatives carried out by committee members will include planning for acquisition, replacement, maintenance and attrition of hardware, software, and network provisions, human support and training, electronically enhanced classrooms and laboratories, and website development. Throughout this planning we will ensure to set priorities that are relative to curricular outcomes and mission critical processes.

Current Action Items

  • Achieving AirPlay hardware in select COEHS classrooms.
  • Preparing a college proposal for access to a qualitative statistics package such as (NVIVO).

Current Members

  • Carrie Alexander-Albritton, Counselor Education
  • Debra Allwardt, Social Work
  • Marisa Beard, STAR Onsite/Online
  • Josh Butcher, IDS
  • Mark Cole, Kinesiology
  • Jason Eveland, COEHS Webmaster
  • Diane Hamilton-Hancock, Health Sciences
  • Dawn Hughes, CIAESC
  • Jill Myers, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
  • Paul Schlag, Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration
  • Terry Smith, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Sharon Stevens, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Dawn Sweet, COEHS Dean's Office Technology Representative
  • Jim West, Intstructional Design and Technology


Committee Bylaws

Committee bylaws were last revised 10.12.2011.
Download Committee Bylaws in Adobe PDF Format.

Meeting Agendas

Agendas for COEHS Technology Committee meetings are available for download in Adobe PDF format below.

Meeting Minutes

The COEHS Technology Committee meeting minutes are available for download in Adobe PDF format below.