College of Education & Human Services

Face-to-Face Training Opportunities

Current Offerings - Fall 2014:

  • COEHS Electronic Classroom Training is now handled on a one-to-one or departmental basis.  If you need training on t he equipment in a specific classroom please contact Dawn Sweet, or Josh Butcher to request an appointment.
  • IDS Workshops will resume September 10, 2014! Download a copy of the Fall 2014 workshops! Register for Fall 2014 workshops by filling out the form below!



















Online Training

Online e-Classroom and Videoconference Training

Participate in online classroom and videoconference Training from your office by visiting our new online training site. You will find video tutorials as well as a great instructor's checklist to aid you in designing your course materials and structuring your course events.  Visit:


  • November 7th 12-1 Horrabin Hall 1
    The Flipped-Mastery Classroom Model for Universities
    In a Flipped-Mastery Classroom, students work through the curriculum in a flexible-paced manner where they are expected to master key objectives. It creates an individualized learning experience for each student while still happening in the typical classroom setting.   This type of course, at first, seems daunting.  Jon will explain the key components to the Flipped-Mastery classroom and how to move towards a student-centric mastery classroom.   Learn more at:


  • December 5th 12-1 Horrabin Hall 1
    Tech Tools to Flip Your Class: From Crazy Easy to Powerful
    What are some of the best tools teachers can use to flip their classrooms? Come learn how the technology can be both “crazy easy” and powerful.  Learn more at: