College of Education & Human Services

Face-to-Face Training Opportunities

Current Offerings - Spring 2015:

  • COEHS Electronic Classroom Training is now handled on a one-to-one or departmental basis.  If you need training on the equipment in a specific classroom please contact Dawn Sweet, or Josh Butcher to request an appointment.
  • IDS Workshops will resume February 18th 2015! Download a copy of our Spring 2015 workshops! Register for Spring 2015 workshops by visiting our Tech Insights Blog at: .
















Online Training

Online e-Classroom and Videoconference Training

Participate in online classroom and videoconference Training from your office by visiting our new online training site. You will find video tutorials as well as a great instructor's checklist to aid you in designing your course materials and structuring your course events.  Visit:


 To be announced!