Western Illinois University Program: Superintendent Licensure              


EDL 600

Organizational Leadership. (3) Synthesis of the several components of the Educational Leadership Program including evolution of thought and practice in educational leadership; the instructional, political and managerial roles of the educational executive; and the ethics of educational leadership  Required for admission to candidacy.

EDL 617

Legal Aspects of Educational Governance. (3) Selected problems and issues in school law.  The case study method is used to examine relevant state and federal court decisions.  Case law and state statutes are applied in assessing the legality of school district policies.

EDL 620

Superintendent and Educational Governance. (3) Instructional, managerial, and political roles of the chief school administrator and central office staff; school district organization and governance; and the role and operation of the board of education. Prerequisite: Admitted to the program; 20 semester hours of graduate course work in Educational Leadership, including EDL 600, EDL 640, EDL 617, and EDL 627, or equivalent courses; or permission of the instructor.

EDL 622

Management of Administrative Personnel. (3) Selection, development, and appraisal of school administrators and supervisors.

EDL 623

Collective Bargaining in Education. (3) Historical development, processes, effects, and issues.  Students participate in a simulated bargaining exercise which provides realistic experience in preparing for the negotiations and selecting and utilizing appropriate table tactics.

EDL 627

School Business Management. (3) School district business administration policies and procedures essential to the conservation and effective utilization of funds, facilities, equipment, and personnel. 

EDL 635

Educational Facilities. (3) Education facilities should support the educational program.  Participants will evaluate existing facilities for program worthiness, structural barriers, handicapped accessibility, health and life safety code compliance, AHERA compliance, and structural integrity.  Emphasis will be placed on remodeling of existing facilities, with some discussion on new construction.

EDL 640

The Educational Executive. (3) Theories of organizational leadership and their relevance for, and application to, schools and school districts; structural, human resources, political and symbolic approaches to leadership and change, and the development of interpersonal competence.  Prerequisite:  EDL 600.

EDL 660

Instructional Leadership. (3) Current images of leadership, leadership and management practices, school culture and contexts, and professional development as they apply to instructional leadership at the school and school district levels.

EDL 671

Curriculum Theory. (3) Learning in instructional curriculum theories, curriculum philosophies, politics of curriculum policy, and future curriculum needs in the public elementary and secondary school.

EDL 681

Research in Educational Leadership. (3) Consideration of quantitative and qualitative procedures in reviewing and conducting educational research investigations.  Students will consider the requirements of professional writing and prepare a research proposal or grant proposal.

EIS 607

Implications of Diversity for Educational Leaders. (3) Rapidly changing demographic patterns hold implications for school policy.  Effective educational leaders understand diverse cultures and communication styles and practice, collaboration and dialogue.  This course will provide resources necessary for administrators to establish themselves as facilitators who offer an inclusive educational vision for the community. Prerequisite: EDL 600, EDL 640, and admission to candidacy in the Education Specialist program, or permission of the instructor.

EDL 655

Superintendent Internship I. (2) Clinical field experience in the student’s major area(s) of specialization under the supervision of a local school or school district administrator and a department faculty member.  The internship requires a minimum of 75 clock hours of planned activity for each semester hour of credit.  Students must file an internship application with the department by the fall deadline of September 15 for placement in the spring semester, and February 15 for placement in the fall semester.  EDL 655 is required for all candidates for the superintendent endorsement to the administrative license.  Prerequisites: Admitted to program, completion of an approved internship application by the specified deadline, EDL 620 (enrollment can be concurrent with the first semester enrollment in EDL 655), 20 semester hours of graduate course work in educational leadership, and approval of his/her advisor.  Internship Hours:  150 hours

EDL 656

Superintendent Internship II. (3) Clinical field experience for superintendent licensure.  Demonstration of knowledge and skills for effective school district leadership and meets requirements for the Illinois Administrative Code for licensing Illinois school district administrators.. Prerequisites:  Completion of EDL 600, EDL 617, EDL 620, EDL 640, and EDL 655.

Internship Hours:  150

TOTAL PROGRAM – 36 s.h. of coursework plus 4 s.h. of internship