PROGRAM STRUCTURE:  TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST (Dept. of Instructional Design and Technology) 


Required Courses: Core Requirements. Taken in any sequence.



IDT 505

Foundations of Instructional Technology (3) . Introductory survey of the field of Instructional Technology. Upon completion students will be able to: (1) communicate about the field’s terminology, history, accomplishments and issues; (2) describe the advantages, disadvantages, characteristics, and critical attributes of various instructional media; and (3) critically evaluate the foundations in instructional technology.

IDT 510

Principles of Instructional Design (3). Develop knowledge and skills in systematic analysis of the teaching‑learning process using an instructional design approach. Study and application of instructional design theories and models.

EIS 500

Methods of Research (3). An introduction to the nature and techniques of contemporary social scientific research (including educational and human service). Emphasis placed on developing research literacy through critically reading, examining, and evaluating the characteristics of both quantitative and qualitative research. Additional emphasis on the critical issue of the nature of the relationship between research and its application to practice. Prerequisite: Some exposure to the basic nature of statistical reasoning recommended before enrolling in the course.

Required Courses: Directed Electives. All directed electives require field experience. IDT 517, 529, IDT 534, and IDT 539 can be taken in any sequence as long as the prerequisites are met. IDT 595 must be taken the last semester of directed elective coursework.



IDT 517

Classroom Integration of the Internet and Multimedia (3). Focuses on effectively integrating Internet technologies and multimedia into curricular material. 10-12 hours of field experience. Prerequisite: IDT 504, evidence of meeting the National Educational Technology Standard for Teachers, or permission of instructor/department chair.

IDT 529

Integration of Computer-Based Technology in Schools (3). Focus on the integration of technologies in the classroom. This course provides opportunities for direct application of knowledge and competencies acquired in prerequisite course work. 10-12 hours of field experience.

IDT 534

Technology Issues and Professional Development for Educators (3). Provides students with opportunities for further professional growth in instructional technology through exploring contemporary issues in K-12 school settings. 10-12 hours of field experience.

IDT 539

Hardware, Operating Systems, and Networking in the Schools (3). Plan for, design, use, and evaluate computer hardware and software, operating systems, and networking for educational settings. 40 hours of field experience. Prerequisites: IDT 504 or evidence of meeting the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers, or permission of instructor/department chair.

IDT 595

IDT 595 Technology Planning and Research (3). Emphasis on the planning, leadership, and evaluation of technology integration in the schools. Provides students with the opportunity to apply theories and techniques of educational technology through on-site field experiences. 100 hours of field experience. Prerequisites: EIS 500, IDT 510, IDT 529, IDT 534, IDT 539, or permission of instructor/department chair.

At the end of their program, candidates are required to complete a Technology Specialist Standards Portfolio which is an organized view of their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in relation to the Technology Specialist standards, including full documentation of their field experiences.