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Faculty - Ceramics

Shawn Spangler


Visiting Assistant Professor, Ceramics

MFA, NY State College of Ceramics

Office: 102(A) HPA (Heating Plant Annex)

Phone: 309•298•2102


About the Artist

Shawn Spangler, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Ceramics, graduated with a BFA from Pennsylvania State University and a MFA from NYSC of Ceramics at Alfred University. He recently finished a five year residency at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia and is currently teaching full-time at Western Illinois University. Spangler believes the academic studio practice to be a space of potential where transitional objects evolve through constant evaluation and willingness to take risks. His work addresses ceramic vessels service as a cultural indicator throughout time. Spanglers wheel thrown porcelain forms can be complex, are clearly articulated, and oftentimes created through multiple parts. The forms are reminiscent of both Koryo Dynasty of Korea and Song Dynasty examples he observed while a resident artist in China in 2002. He States “My work is a record of observations, an amalgamated map of the world I reflect upon. I have found producing pottery as a kind of play; a regenerative act ripe with reverence, revealing the human hands enduring connection to creativity.”

artworks of Spangler

artworks of Spangler

artworks of Spangler