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Faculty - Graphic Design

Bruce Walters


Professor, Graphic Design

M.F.A. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Office: 21 Garwood Hall

Phone: 309•298•2139


About the Artist

Bruce Walters has taught at Western Illinois University since 1997, previously serving as the Chairperson of the Communications, Fine and Performing Arts Division at Teikyo Marycrest University where he assisted in the development of the first undergraduate degree in Computer Graphics. Walters has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for corporations, museums, federal and state institutions, advertising agencies and the media.

Examples include life-sized paintings and digital artworks for permanent display at the Hauberg Museum, D-Day and Iwo Jima commemorative illustrations for Springfield Rifle and website design and development (LewisandClark, com,, for Lee Enterprises. As an artist, his artwork has been displayed in more than one hundred solo, invitational, and competitive exhibitions -primarily in the Midwest, but also in England, Germany, Japan, New York and Washington DC. Walters has won best of show awards in seven different media: from graphite drawings to digital artwork.

Online Portfolios:

walter project at figgie
Exploring NASA projection, 100 feet in width.

sentries, acylic canvas 15 feet in height.

John Glenn
John Glenn, graphite drawing

In Search of Order, video animation