Department of Art

Art Grounded in Experience


Art draws on an expansive array of human knowledge and experience; therefore a university is an ideal setting for educating today's artists. Studying Art @ Western means that you will be challenged by a variety of creative processes and experiences that will help you become more responsive artists.

Because we believe that "Learning is a continuous process grounded in experience" we offer — Art Education, Graphic Design, and in Studio ArtsCeramics, Drawing, Metals/Jewelry, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Intaglio/Lithography, Silkscreen, Sculpture, Graphic Design and Teacher Education.

There are also Visiting Artists lectures that will help you find your place as an artist, designer, or art educator.

All Art encounters that you have as a WIU Art student are designed to help you grow as an artist in a community of art that stresses Safety and Experimentation.