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Program - Studio Arts - Intaglio and Lithography

Printmaking classes will introduce the exploration of printmaking as a creative fine arts involvement. Its primary purposes are to develop a personal vision and instill self-confidence within each student that will allow ongoing creative growth.

The classes are taught in a workshop atmosphere, and require that each student be introspective and search for ideas, elements, forms and feelings that project a personal visual sensibility.

A sound technical background in a variety of media, including Intaglio, (line etch, aquatint, soft ground, sugar lift, spitbite, drypoint, engraving, non-toxic methods); Lithography, (stone lithography, plate lithography, light sensitive plates); Relief, and Monotypes provide students the basic knowledge to explore images and ideas.

By the very nature of these requirements, it is imperative that risk-taking, experimental attitudes prevail in this workshop situation.



Degree Plan

There are two degree paths in the Intaglio and Litho program:

  • Bachelor of Arts - Studio Art
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Studio Art

The following Program Study Plans will help you determine which classes are needed to complete a degree in a timely fashion:

Facilities - Intaglio Facilities

  • Intaglio facilities at Western Illinois University are housed in Garwood Hall. The intaglio studio is 800 sq. ft. and encompasses a ventilated 150 sq. ft. acid room, which houses two large acid baths capable for zinc and copper.
  • The studio has two Charles Brand etching presses, (16" x 30" and 48" x 26"), and one Takach press, (66" x 33").
  • In addition there are two 24" x 36" hot plates and a 24" x 48" washout sink. Plates are cleaned with a parts washer.
  • Within the studio there is a 10' x 5' darkroom housing a 24" x 36" exposure unit capable of exposing lithography and Intaglio light sensitive plates.
  • The intaglio studio is designed for students to master techniques and to advance their knowledge of general intaglio elements such as line etch, aquatint, soft ground, sugar lift, spit bite, drypoint, multiple plates, color and engraving.
  • In addition an exposure unit is available for solarplate and non-toxic print methods. Alternative process such as viscosity printing and xerox transfer etchings are also introduced. Ample workspace, lockers and flat files are available for student use.

Facilities - Lithography Facilities

  • The lithography studio at Western Illinois University is housed in Garwood Hall. The lithography studio is 860 sq. ft.
  • There is one Griffin 60" x 32" press and one Takach press 26" x 48".
  • There is a large stone library of over 60 stones ranging from 8.5" x 11" to 24" x 36".
  • Two large plate supports are utilized for plate lithography and the exposure unit in intaglio is available for light sensitive lithography.
  • The lithography studio is designed for students to master techniques and to advance their knowledge of general lithography elements such as single and multiple crayon work, multiple plate prints, large scale prints, reductive printing, tusche work and color. Contemporary techniques such as light sensitive/photographic processes are introduced, as are alternative processes such as waterless lithography, Smart Plates and Xerox transfer.
  • Ample workspace, lockers and flat files are available for student use.