Department of Art

Graphic Design - Digital Photography

print design

The photography area within Western’s Art curriculum is committed to teaching students how to work with the infinite creative possibilities of photographic digital media. Faculty will help students acquire strong technical foundation through introductory courses and assist them to mature as creative artists. Students will explore diverse photographic techniques and the critical theories of the photographic media in advanced courses.

Beginning courses include camera operation, composition, computer photo manipulation, creative expression, and output of digital images. Upon completion, students should be able to successfully expose, digitally manipulate, and print well-conceived artistic compositions.

Subsequent courses will teach students to extend and refine digital skills. The creative use of different filters and plug-in software will be explored, and students will learn how to streamline and personalize image workflow, compare different image management options such as Adobe Bridge, and explore more advanced Photoshop techniques and tools to fine-tune a portfolio of personal art photographs. Photography History courses will teach students to understand the history and importance of photography as an art form, and its importance to society.