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Studio Arts - Silkscreen

silk screen

Screen printing is a relatively new and innovative media. This form of printmaking allows for the expedient creation of large editions, and can be utilized to print on a variety of materials. Additionally, hand-drawn, photographic, and digital images can be utilized. Drawing skills, color theory, design abilities, and creative problem solving are integral to the medium.

The program stresses proper technical command and emphasizes individual visions. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and concepts. As with any artistic field, each individual is expected to be self-motivated, experimental, and curious.



Degree Plan

There are two degree paths in the Silkscreen program:

  • Bachelor of Arts - Studio Art
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Studio Art

The following Program Study Plans will help you determine which classes are needed to complete a degree in a timely fashion:


  • Silkscreen facilities at Western Illinois University are housed in Garwood Hall. The silkscreen studio occupies two rooms on the first floor.
  • The screen printing facility is 1240 sq. ft. and includes a Sharpline 50" x 78" exposure unit, three 3' x 4' printing tables with vacuum, movable printing units, power sprayer, two 40" x 30" light tables, American Screen printing 56” x 84” one-arm squeegee table, numerous squeegees, drying racks, washout sink, dark room and related equipment.
  • In addition to having the necessary equipment for a comprehensive silkscreen program the studio utilizes only non-toxic, water-based chemicals and materials.