University Bands

15th Annual Parent's Day -- September 15, 2018


General Liability Release Form - please complete and bring with you that day.

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Each year the WIU students, faculty, administration, and community stand amazed that over 150 parents can learn to march with a college band in one short morning rehearsal. Of course you can, you're the parent! You can do anything....

We look forward to another great year of parents visiting their sons/daughters, enjoying a meal, practice, and halftime performance together. This year's event will be held in conjunction with WIU's Family Weekend on September 15th. The tentative itinerary for the day will be:

8:00 AM Parent registration (Hanson Field) and Rehearsal — pick-up shirts and game tickets.  ou will receive some basic instruction in how to march (and stay alive), and then we will put you on the field next to your child to march a portion of the show.  

11:00 AM Lunch — lunch on your own with your student.

1:30 PM Call time —you will line up and march in parade form down with your child through the performances at the “Ashtray,” President’s Tent, Q-lot tail-gaiting, and then into the stadium to watch the Marching Leatherneck’s performance of their pre-game show.

WIU vs Montana

WIU vs Montana — seating is available around the band during the game, and then you will march half-time with your child.

Also, we would love your help in strengthening our coverage of this event. If you are able to send us pictures to post on this site we would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you are daring, we would like to make a movie using your "Parent Cams" from the field. If you would like to digitally record your marching experience, we would love to have a copy. Thanks so much for trusting us with your talented children. We are very lucky to have them in the WIU Band Family.